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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Over the river and through the woods

We are en route to hang out with Mimi and Pawpaw and the rest of my family (plus Aunt Sally!) for the rest of the week. I haven't done much posting over the past couple of days because it's taken me that long to prepare for our trip!  I remember when I used to be able to get myself packed for a trip in less than 30 minutes. Now it takes me days and it seems like we take the whole house wherever we go, and I typically still forget something no matter how prepared I try to be, ha!  Either way, I'd consider it to be a successful trip so far:

We had C's 2-month doctor appointment today so I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with his stats. Spoiler alert: he's still huge. :-) We also have a lot of fun activities planned for the rest of the week so I can't wait to share those as well. 

Happy Tuesday!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Farm Animal Days

Every year, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University hosts an event called Farm Animal Days where the kiddies can see and touch farm animals.  We wanted to go last year but it was raining on the day we'd planned to attend, and even though the event is rain or shine I wasn't up for it with a then-one-year-old who probably could have cared less.  I have been excited all week to go today, and I'm so glad we got to go this year - it surpassed all of my expectations.  Carney and I took Kinsley, Lilly and Craft, and Prince Danny was even able to take off from work to come meet us on his lunch break.  It was crowded but not overly so, and the girls had a blast.  I am not sure what Lilly loved more - touching the animals or climbing on all of the fences.  Either way, we had so much fun and I can't wait to go back next year.  Best of all?  It's free!  Actually, I guess the real "best of all" is that there is free Howling Cow Ice Cream.  If you are local to Raleigh and have not tried this ice cream, you are insane.  Best ever, and I consider myself to be an ice cream connoisseur.  And I take back what I said about about Lilly's favorite part of the day, because it was definitely the ice cream.  

Proof for Meagan that we fit 3 car seats into my Honda!
Kins and Lills, excited to go pet the animals.

Excited that Daddy was able to meet us!


Kins wasn't so sure about them...

I included this photo to showcase my daughter's choice of attire for the day.  Yes, she wore her tutu.  To a farm.  It just wasn't worth the argument.  (Eye roll).

Waiting in line to pet the bunnies!

This one was the cutest, in my opinion.

Lilly didn't mind waiting in line one bit because there were fences to climb.  And Kins is such a big girl!

Craft has decided in the past two days that he prefers to only  nap while being held, so needless to say he loved Farm Animal Days too.

Petting the bunnies.

My sorority sister (grand big, to be exact!), Kristin, and I along with our babies.

More fence climbing.  And a cow.

This was heaven for my child who is obsessed with washing her hands.  We have to be clean for ice cream!

Only the best ice cream ever.

Family photo op.  Aside from the fact that I look a hot mess and you can't see Craft because he's sleeping (except for his thunder thighs, you can see those hehehe), I love this pic.


Big girls.


Check out Lills hitting on the baby goat's handler in the top left corner.

The sheep!  In the third picture, the sheepy sheep went "baaaaaaa" really loud right in Lilly's face and she jumped a mile high.  It was hilarious!

Again, she was much more interested in the fence than the horse.  But the nice police officer gave her a sticker and she liked that.

My loves.

Kins and Lills in the tractor.

Of course Baby Grace went with us and Lilly was so excited to see her when we got back to the car.
We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year. Dan made the day even greater by coming home with new bikes!  He dropped by Oak City Cycling Project and picked his up, and then when he got home we went back so that I could choose which color I wanted.  Craft went with us and was in a pretty good mood, so when we were done we walked across the street to Wine Authorities to enjoy the weather and a glass of wine.

C is sleeping, of course, because he's being held.  Oy, this kid.
Can't wait to enjoy some more beautiful weather this weekend.  Tomorrow is Friday, hooray!  We are ruining it by having a meeting with our accountant in the morning, so there may be another visit to Wine Authorities at approximately 10:30 am.  :-)


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Craft: 2 Months Old

I feel like I blink and it's time for another one of these updates.  I always felt like time flew with Lilly, like I blinked and she was 2 and then a big sister, but I feel like it's moving at warp speed for sweet Craft.  He is growing and changing so much seemingly every day, I look at him sometimes and think he has grown since five minutes before.  Dan is attending a work dinner tonight which means I was in charge of bath and bed for both kiddies and that never fails to exhaust me, so I'll get right to the update.

Weight/Length:  Why I even include this on non-doctor-update posts, I'm not sure.  I am betting that my big boy is somewhere around 15-16 lbs by now.  Absolutely no clue on length.  I intended to try to weigh and measure today but forgot, whoops.

Sleep:  Every time I think we are onto something here, Craft changes it up on me (like last night when he was exhausted but refused to go to sleep).  Usually, C is ready to go down some time around 9pm.  Sometimes it's earlier than that, sometimes later.  Over the past few weeks, he's gradually pushed his own feedings out.  Around one month, he was waking up at 1:30 and then again at 4:30.  Since then, he's dropped down to one feeding and pushed that feeding back to 2:30 and then 3:30 and now for about the past week he's pushed it back to somewhere between 4:30 - 5:00 am.  He goes right back down after that feeding and normally sleeps until somewhere between 8:00 - 9:00 am.  I am hoping he will phase himself out of needing that feeding shortly, but I realize that I can't in good conscience complain about a child who at 2 months old is sleeping from roughly 9p - 9a with one wake up around 5a.  Please understand that there have definitely been nights where there have been more wake ups (like 2 weeks ago when my in-laws were here and he was up about every hour and I wanted to die), but he's gotten much better even in the past week it seems like.  Naps for this kid are crazy - he is never usually awake for more than an hour or an hour and a half tops before he's ready to sleep again.  Sometimes he will sleep 30 minutes or an hour, and then other days he will take a 3+ hour nap.  I have yet to figure out what I am doing differently on those days to make him sleep for a large chunk of time in the afternoon at the same time as his big sister, but I surely hope it continues and gets more consistent.  

We've also been dealing with getting C to sleep in his crib, which is something we never had to deal with when L was a baby so I'm flying blind.  We started Craft out in his crib on night one, just like we did Lilly, and he did fine - as well as any infant can do.  Sometime around or maybe shortly after the one month mark, he caught a cold that Lilly and Kinsley were passing back and forth and was horribly congested.  We have a crib wedge in his crib, but it wasn't elevated enough to help him breathe well since he was so congested, so after two horrible nights of wake ups we borrowed a rock n' play sleeper from Bo & Meagan and set it up in his room and let him sleep in that in hopes that it would help.  It helped a lot - he could breathe much better and his sleep started to improve around that time.  However, when I tried to move him back to the crib, he was not having it - he loved that rock n' play.  After a few days of battling, my friend Jen let me borrow her Dex Daydreamer sleeper (basically the new version of the nap nanny that was recalled).  I put it in his crib and started transitioning him by letting him sleep in that for naps and then in the rock n' play at night.  After a few good days of naps, I moved him to the daydreamer at night as well.  After a few days of him getting used to being in the crib in the daydreamer, yesterday I started the transition to the crib by taking the daydreamer out of the crib for naps and putting the crib wedge back in.  He did okay for naps, and then I let him sleep in the daydreamer last night with the intention of putting him in the crib for naps only until he got more used to it, at which point I would move him to the crib full-time.  However, he started doing this thing where he slid down in the daydreamer to where his feet were basically hanging off and since he is swaddled (yes, I forced it) it was hard to strap him in, so today I went for it and we battled it out in the crib.  He didn't really nap more than 15 minutes at a time all morning but I could tell he was exhausted, and finally around 1:30 he went down in the crib and slept for 4 hours (actually I woke him up at 4 hours because (1) I was about to explode since it had been 6 hours since he'd eaten and (2) I wanted him to sleep tonight ha).  Tonight, he has been in the crib for over 2 hours as I type, and so far so good.  Fingers crossed it continues and we are finally back in the crib for good.  I was thinking earlier today that about the time I get his sleeping location situated, it will be time to transition out of the swaddle and then we'll be back to square 1.  Lord help me.

Another thing that's different from Lilly is that Craft definitely requires more help getting to sleep.  He likes to be bounced, and rarely will fall asleep on his own.  I can't remember whether Lilly was falling asleep on her own this early, but I do not remember her needing quite as much help getting to sleep.  I also have stopped doing the dream feed with Craft.  For Lilly, it worked wonders, but for Craft it seemed like he was waking up at the same time regardless - almost like I was teaching him that he needed to wake up, so I dropped it.  If he doesn't drop that 4:30-5:00 am feeding soon I may try it again to see what happens.

One final thing to note is that I've been tracking C's sleep trying to figure out some kind of pattern so that we can implement, at a minimum, a bed time routine.  I know it's too early for routines, but if we do the same thing every night I am a firm believer that he'll get used to it and know what to expect.  Right now, we give him a bath every night, but I've not done a good job of figuring out timing because by the time we're done he's always either exhausted or starving so we haven't been able to work books into our routine yet.  In due time, I suppose.

Feeding:  Again, this varies.  I mentioned above that he only typically eats once overnight now.  During the day, he usually eats every 3.5-4 hours, sometimes longer.  Today, due to the aforementioned 4-hour nap, he went 6 hours between feedings. Hopefully he won't decide to make up for it tonight!  We also finally got him to take a bottle, he hearts the comotomo (probably because it resembles a boob).  They are $14/bottle, so we only have two for now but he really doesn't take a bottle very often.  I think I'm going to try at some point in the next few weeks having him take one bottle a day to get him used to it before I go back to work, and I am hoping we can transition him to the Dr. Brown's since we have a bajillion of those so we don't have to buy more!

Another difference with this sweet boy is spit up.  I don't remember Lilly spitting up a ton, but Craft does spit up some.  It's usually only during the day and not at every feeding but it's enough that I always make sure to have a burp cloth handy.  It doesn't seem to bother him, but it's gross.  It almost seems like he doesn't know when to stop eating or something, I'm not sure.  Anyway, I thought it was worth noting.

Firsts This Month:  First Easter Egg Hunt and first time visiting Daddy at work.  First road trip, which I did not blog about, but it was to Charlotte to my parents' house because one of our family friends got married.  Katy blogged about the weekend here.  C did well both ways, luckily - we had to stop twice on the way and once on the way back because at that point he was still eating every 2 hours and it is a 3-hour trip, but he was a gem!  I'm sure there are more "firsts" that I've been horrible at keeping track of.

Developments:  Craft is a strong little guy and has had good head control from day one, but he's getting better and better.  He does not showcase this much during tummy time, though, because he prefers to try to sleep, but I think we may be turning a corner on that one - we'll see.  He rolls onto his side quite frequently now, to the point where I don't feel quite as comfortable leaving him laying on any elevated surface anymore.  I think it will be a while before he rolls over - he has a lot of weight to move, ha! - but again, we'll see.  He has discovered his tongue and is forever sticking it out.  C has also discovered his voice and has started "talking."  Every time I take the camera out to try to video he stops, but it's really cute.  He started smiling on purpose a few weeks ago to anyone that smiles at him, and it's adorable.  I have also gotten a few laughs - teeny tiny ones, but I can't wait for the belly laughs!

Likes:  Not too many changes here: bath. sleeping. eating.  play mat.  bouncy seat. being outside.  observing Lilly and Layla.  snuggling.  ceiling fans.  kicking his legs.  chewing/drooling/slobbering on his hands. playing with his tongue.  talking/singing to mommy.  spitting up in my hair only on days when I've actually managed to wash and dry it UGH.

Dislikes:  being cold.  lotioning up after bath.  being tired.  burping.

What I'm Thankful For:  A great support system.  Dan was out of town at the beginning of the week and has work dinners every night, so family and friends have been coming to help me out with the kids to give me a break and I am more appreciative than they will ever know!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  We are spending almost a week with my family for Easter, and have lots of fun things planned.  

Next Pediatrician Appointment:  Next Tuesday, April 15.  I'm not sure why we scheduled this one so far after his 2-month-birthday, but I have a lot of questions for the doctor per the usual!  I'll report back with the stats.

The length of this post has yet again gotten away from me and I'm too tired to upload the photos I took on the camera and edit them so here are some that I took of C with my iPhone on Saturday, which was his actual 2-month-birthday.  So many expressions, this kid.

Craft is such a sweet, smiley, generally happy (with the exception of witching hours when we have them, luckily they do not appear to be happening as frequently these days!) baby and I can't help but think that although he is different than Lilly in many ways, we got very lucky for a second time.  We love our sweet boy and are having so much fun watching him grow!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Roundup

I haven't done one of these in a while, mainly because we haven't really been doing much ha!  So lame/old, I know.  And it's a day late, #winning.  This weekend wasn't much different in that we didn't do a ton but we got to spend a lot of time together as a family and it was wonderful.  Everyone was in a great mood for most of the weekend, perhaps due to the fact that the weather was absolutely glorious.  

We kicked the weekend off early on Friday morning when I got brave, put on my big girl panties and took the kids to see Daddy at work.  Bo's Mom was sweet enough to have the cutest shirts made for C and L that say "Big Sis Lilly" and "Little Bro Craft," so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear them before the squish outgrows his.  They've worn them several times but I haven't ever been able to catch both of them in a good mood at the same time to snap a pic, so I was glad that both were in good spirits on Friday morning because we got some cute photos.

Thanks Miss Nancy, we love them!

L wore these glasses into the building.  She is a trip!  In fact, on the elevator a man was riding up with us and he told her that he liked her glasses.  She stuck her hand out and said, "Hi!  I'm Lilly.  It's nice to meet you."  Then said, "Who is that, Mommy?"  She's a mess I am telling you!

Excited to go see Daddy!
My loves.
Dan was able to head home fairly early on Friday afternoon, so we spent the afternoon playing in the back yard and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The water in the table and pool was freezing but Lilly had a blast anyway!
We decided last-minute that a Friday evening date night might be nice, and luckily Morgan was able to babysit for us.  We asked her to come at 8 and we put Lilly down before we went out so that she'd only be responsible for Craft - he is still so young that I didn't want her to have to deal with putting both of them to bed just yet.  His witching hours have not happened nearly as often since I posted about them, thank the Lord, but I didn't want to chance it.  Of course I didn't get a pic, but we had a lovely evening even though by the time we got out we were exhausted and could have gone to bed.  We tried a new restaurant, Stanbury, which I would highly recommend and then went to Capital Club 16 for dessert and after dinner drinks - also highly recommend.  It was really nice to get a break for a little while and spend some time together, and C did fine for Morgan luckily!

Our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg Hunt was on Saturday morning.  We took Hadley and Lilly two years ago, and I know that we went last year as well but I apparently did not post about it (or if I did I can't find it and I'm too impatient to keep looking).  Anyway, the Aldridges were able to join us again and we had a blast!

Lills and Haddles
Lills and Kins

Lilly was WAY more interested in eating her candy than the actual egg hunting, per the usual.  She is my child.  After the egg hunt, there were donuts (see above) and photos with the Easter Bunny.  Hadley loved him...

 ...the closest Lilly would get was to wave from 100 feet away...

 ...and Craft wasn't particularly amused either, just really sleepy.

Since everyone was up and in real clothes good moods, we decided to run to REI to check out a few things, and it was there that we discovered that we need an Osprey child carrier in the worst way.

Would be perfect to leave this in the mountains, yes?  Lilly LOVED it and cried when she had to get out.  Too bad they're $300.  Craft, again, was mainly just really sleepy.

Thanks to the Heaths for letting us borrow their Bjorn until I decide on a carrier!
When we got home from REI, C was in a great mood after his cat nap so I took the opportunity to snap some pics of the kids in their Easter shirts.  Thank you, Mimi!  Can't wait to get photos of Craft, Lilly and Mason in their shirts when we're all together for Easter next weekend.

Smiley C.  So expressive!
Have I mentioned that I adore these two?
Craft thinks that Lilly is the best.
After some more napping for both kids, we spent the afternoon/evening playing in the water again.

Kins came to play!

Baby Grace has to do everything with us these days.
C did some more snoozing.
Saturday night was pretty low-key.  We had a dinner picnic outside for I'm pretty sure the 7th day straight, put the kids to bed and watched some basketball.  

On Sunday, we were super lazy.  The kids both woke up around 9 and we started off the day by watching Tangled and lounging in our pajamas well past the appropriate amount of time.  

It was cooler on Sunday, so we played inside for the most part in the morning...

"Come play Legos with Daddy, Baby Grace."

...and Lills got a pedi.

He's getting good at this.
 Dan headed to Augusta last night so Aunt Jennifer and Ethan came over to help me with the kids. Poor C unfortunately had the worst evening he's had in weeks - he was pretty fussy so I was glad they were here to help.  I was so frustrated with him and my nerves were so frazzled, but then he nuzzled into my neck to go to sleep (finally) and I forgave him.  :-)

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Hope yours was, too, and that your week is off to a great start!  Stay tuned for Craft's 2-month update.