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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lilly Says

I planned (again) to do our Easter post tonight but am postponing (again) because both of my babes gave me issues going to bed tonight and it wore me slap out. Must be something in the air - perhaps all of the crazy weather that's supposed to be coming our way?!

I realized after yesterday's post that I forgot to document the most funny part of our evening out on Friday. Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook already know this, but I wanted to document it here as well because I don't want to forget it. 

Lilly is really into everything being pretty right now. "Lilly's hair is pretty. Daddy's ear is pretty.  Baby Grace's shoe is pretty."  Etc.  So imagine my delight when, after I curled my hair for the gala she said, "Mommy's hair is so pretty.  Mommy is so pretty."  I was feeling pretty awesome until she followed it up with, "Mommy's nightgown is SO PRETTY!"

L was so excited when she said it and it was so cute, but Carney and I laughed so hard. In her defense, she has a new nightgown that she is obsessed with (as in she pitches a fit when she can't wear it to bed because it has to be washed) so I guess I should be flattered.  The irony is not lost on me that I have worn practically nothing but yoga pants for 3 months and the one time I look nice she thinks I'm in pajamas. :-)

Hope your Tuesday was great!  Maybe I'll finally get to the Easter post tomorrow. 


Easter 2014

Hooray me for getting around to this post before the end of April!  I am giving myself a serious pat on the back.  

We spent Easter 2014 with my family.  Dan actually had to work in Charlotte on Tuesday evening, so we decided to go with him and stay for the remainder of the week.  I took a ton of photos so I'll try to keep the words to a minimum and I'll try to narrow down the photos (but let's be honest, we all know that both of those are practically impossible for me!).  

Mamas of little girls (boys too!):  Pinkalicious is one of L's current favorite books!  She loved reading with Mimi.
The weather was pretty nasty for most of the week, so we spent a lot of time going to visit Aunt KK at work in the mornings after breakfast so that Lilly could burn some energy.  I think we actually went to visit every morning we were in town!  We are very thankful that Aunt KK let us come play.

Arts & crafts with Aunt KK
Craft had fun visiting Aunt KK, too.

We were fortunate enough to get to catch up with Diana and her boys while we were in Charlotte!  They met us at Katy's facility one day and the kids had a blast playing.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get a good photo with Logan in it.  Maybe next time (when we go visit them at the beach!).  :-)

Emmett is a little ham, I could eat him right up!
My parents have season tickets to the Charlotte Knights, and on Friday night we took Lills to her first baseball game.  She was SO excited, she woke up from nap and said, "Mommy I'm ready to go to the baseball game!!!"

Ready for the game, wearing her pink Knights hat that PawPaw got for her.
 I will admit that I wasn't sure how Lilly would do at the game.  She is kind of at that age where I thought it could go one of two ways: either she'd love it or I'd spend the whole game chasing her around in the concourse (is that what it's called where the concession stand is located?) because she was bored to death.  We took the train uptown, and Lills was a little ham - she was so wound up and excited and in rare form.

I love these two pics!
I am happy to report that Lilly LOVED the baseball game!!!  My parents have amazing seats - only a couple of rows behind the Knights dugout - so we were close enough that she could see all of the action.  Or it might have been because we left her brother at home with Mimi and Aunt Sally she got to eat a lot of special treats.  Either way, she did so well and had such a blast that I see a Bulls game in our future for sure.

I swear.  The child ate nachos, a pretzel, some french fries, a cookie, some cotton candy, peanuts and I'm sure other things that I'm forgetting.  I am not sure how she didn't have a tummy ache!

As I mentioned above, we were very close to the dugout, so after every inning all of the kids around rush down to the fence with their gloves to see if the players coming off of the field will throw them a ball.  After the first inning, a little boy that was sitting to our right went down and got the ball.  Lilly was standing on my legs and watched the whole thing and then held her little hands out and scrunched her hands up and said said, "I would like a ball please!"  It was SO CUTE.  I told her that if she waited patiently maybe they would throw one to her, so for the rest of the inning she stood as still as a statue on my legs with her hands outstretched saying, "Ball please, ball please!"  At the end of the second inning Dan took her down to the fence and one of the players threw her a ball.  She was SO proud and was waving her ball all around, and was so cute that she made her first (of five) appearance on the big screen.

Lills and Daddy with her game ball

Thanks, Mom and Dad (and Jeff & Denise and Pat & Paul - whomever's seats we were in!) for the tickets!  C enjoyed some alone time with Mimi and Aunt Sally.  Thanks, ladies, for watching our sweet boy so we could have some fun with our girl!  L had so much fun, in fact, that for a week straight (not kidding) every time she woke up from either overnight or nap she said, "I'm ready to go to the baseball game, Mommy!"  Hilarious.

On Friday night, the Mills came over to grill out.  Our parents are BFF (for real), and their boys are like our brothers.  They hadn't met Craft yet and it was so fun to get the whole family together.  Plus, we got to see Jason and Becca's wedding pics and hear all about the honeymoon!  Becca was so sweet and brought Mason and Lilly some bunny ears, which have gotten a ton of use.

On Saturday morning, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt!  Katy organized a huge hunt at her facility, so we went to participate.  Lills had a blast.

Unfortunately, Mason was a little sleepy, so he was only able to hang in there for a little while but at least they looked cute in their Easter shirts.

Thanks, Mimi, for our cute Easter shirts!

Poor Mase.  Bless.

Mimi and Aunt Sally were nice enough to keep C for us again, and it looked like he had a blast, too.

And we got a visit from Miss Jane and Alex (whom I didn't get a picture of, ugh!).  Craft celebrated by having a poopsplosion all over Miss Jane.  He is sorry, Miss Jane, we promise!

On Saturday night, we dyed Easter eggs with the kids.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?  Mason wasn't too amused, but Lilly had a blast getting her hands dirty (see my post about getting dye off of tiny hands, stat!).

The Easter bunny came on Saturday night and I am not naming names but I know some spoiled kiddos (cough *Mimi* cough).  Lilly was very excited about putting carrots out for the Easter bunny.

On Sunday, we all went to church together.  Unfortunately, Craft and Mason were sleepy at different times so we weren't able to get a photo of them in their matching outfits (which coordinated with Lilly's, of course) from Mimi.  I am pretty sad about that, but we got some okay family pics!

The kiddies with Aunt Sally.  We miss you already!

We had a fantastic visit.  It is a rare occasion when my whole family is able to get together, because we are all going different directions all of the time, but we all enjoyed being together over Easter.  Hope yours was great as well!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Weather Is Here

The warm weather, that is.  The Baums had another wonderful (and busy!) weekend.  I didn't take very many photos, and my plan was actually to blog about Easter weekend tonight (a week late, per the usual with this blog and Holidays, oy) but I think I'll save that post for another day.  Dan is out of town for the night on a work trip and the kids are already in bed, so I think I'm going to take a glass of wine upstairs and take a bath, maybe even read a book or catch up on some shows.  What to do with all of this spare time?!

As a follow-up to my dress dilemma, in the case that you don't follow me on Instagram, I found one!

Sweet Carney volunteered to watch Craft on Friday morning for a few hours so that I could drop Lilly off at school and head to the mall.  

L loves school!
I scored two dresses for $60!  The one I wore is French Connection, originally $200 marked down to $21.  I could have used a size smaller, so I got an additional Ralph Lauren dress as a back up, but Dan and I both liked the one pictured above the best.  We had a nice night out - I was exhausted by the time it was time to leave to go to the gala but still it was nice to get dressed up and go out for a bit.  The champagne was nice, too, and the kids were both great for Carney which was icing on the cake.  All in all a great evening!

The rest of the weekend seemed to fly.  On Saturday, we went to Kinsley's first birthday party and then had company over for dinner and kiddie play time.  Lilly had so much fun playing with Henry and Jack!  Today, we all slept late and then spent most of the day outside.  I can't remember if I blogged that we bought new bikes a few weeks back, but Lilly LOVES bike rides and we've used the bikes every day that the weather has been nice.  This morning, there was a lot of bike riding.

Safety first!  Thanks to Meg for the pic, which is actually from one day last week.

The rest of our day was pretty low-key.  We had a visit from a sweet friend who came to meet C and bring us dinner and then both kids went down for a nap and Dan headed out of town.  After naps, we spent the evening outside and before we knew it, it was time for baths and bed.

Hope your weekend was great, too.  Cheers to the start of another week!


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