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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Welp...I still have a blog (thanks to my technologically savvy brother-in-law who helped me fix it a couple of weeks ago).  Who knew?!  Perhaps since the blog has been saved, I should take this opportunity to ask Quinn how to update my photo to include our third child...

ANYWAY.  I digress.

As we are nearing the end of Lillian's preschool career, I have been in a sort of funk about my babies getting bigger.  Time passes so quickly and I find myself in a constant struggle of how to make it slow down and make my babies remain babies for just a little while longer.  I also find myself constantly thinking about how sad I'm going to be when they don't need me anymore.  Dan says that they'll always need me, but the ways in which they need me will be constantly evolving.  I don't like it one bit, I tell you.

I was telling someone just this morning how I am so torn, because I love seeing each of my children get bigger and develop their own little personalities...but I also don't know where the time has gone and can't believe that they aren't still babies.  If someone could give me more hours in a day to get everything done while we're at it, that would be lovely.

We had Lillian's end-of-year teacher conference at school today, and, embarrassingly, I teared up.  And not even just once...multiple times.  I am telling y'all, I am going to be a hot.mess. on the first day of kindergarten.  L is ready - sometimes I think she was born ready.  She loves school and learning and is so excited for this next journey.  Her mama is decidedly not ready.

I'm not really sure why I popped in today to ramble on about nothing other than I miss blogging - I especially miss having something to  look back on to remember what was happening in our lives at any given time.  I am constantly noticing things about my children and filing them away and praying I remember them when they are older and I need some piece of their childhood to cling to.  

So today, I'll leave you with "fruffles," which is what Lilly calls ruffles.  Example: "Mommy, I love this new nightgown that you bought me SO MUCH, it is my most favorite nightgown in the whole world.  Aren't the fruffles so beautiful?"  

I will be completely and utterly devastated on the day that she starts calling ruffles by their correct name.

Easter 2017

Slow down, sweet babies.  

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