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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy 8 Weeks, Craft!

Just popping in to wish my not-so little squishy squish the happiest of 8-week birthdays today.  How has it already been 8 weeks?!  In some ways, it seems like he was born yesterday and in others, it seems like he was born an eternity ago.  Time has a weird way of passing when you have kids, I guess, because I think I said that with Lills a lot as well.

I guess I should take back all of the ugly thoughts I had yesterday, because Craft celebrated his 8-week birthday by sleeping like a champ and just being a good boy in general.  We enjoyed the weather and spent a ton of time outside and it was glorious.

I guess all of the activity wore him out.  I'll be back with a more detailed 2-month update - most likely next week at some point since the 5th falls on a Saturday and it's unlikely that I'll blog.  Here are a few more pics I took today - this child's expressions kill me!

Look at those squishy thunder thighs!
Baby boy, you have brought us so much joy in your two short months with us.  Daddy, Mommy and big sister Lilly are all over the moon in love with you (well, Lilly is most of the time, ha!)...and Layla likes you some of the time, too, which must mean you're pretty cute because she definitely didn't ever give your sister the time of day.  :-)

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