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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Babies Don't Keep

I was looking at my babies tonight and getting all misty-eyed thinking about how time is flying.

Craft will be six months old next week, and I can't figure out how that happened.  Before I know it, Lilly will be starting another year at preschool...I need a pause button.

These babies are so sweet, y'all.  I will never forget the sweet sound of C's uncontrollable belly laughs at his silly big sister Lilly and Lilly's silly giggles right back at him.  I am not saying that these two angels are perfect all of the time, but tonight they sure were close. 

Dan has been working his tail off lately.  We are so appreciative of all that he does for us, but we sure do miss him, and he misses us too.  He asked me to send him a picture of each of the kids tonight before they went to bed because he's still at work, so of course I took (and sent) ten million.

Between Craft falling asleep in my arms, which never happens, and Lills singing "Tomorrow" and "Baby Mine" and "You Are My Sunshine" to me in the sweetest little voice before bed, they probably could have ganged up on me and asked for a pony and there would have been no way to say "no."  Don't tell them I said that, though.  

Things are well here, just busier than ever, which explains the lack of blog activity as of late.  I have been feeling less than creative when it comes to posting and have just been focusing on my sweet little family.  I don't feel guilty about it one bit, although C may one day realize that I blogged far more when I only had one baby to take care of and be less than amused. ;-)

Hope you've had a great week!

1 comment:

  1. Is Craft's sheet Aden and Anais? I love the pattern. We have the giraffe crib sheet, so soft!


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