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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Definition of True Love...

If you read yesterday's post, you'll remember that Friday night was our first night out sans baby for a romantic dinner date.  Dan called on Friday afternoon to tell me that he had tickets to the Canes game for Saturday night, and would I be interested in going?  I was VERY hesitant about this.  First, no one has kept Lilly so far except our parents.  Second, dinner was like a 2-hour would be much longer.  And third, I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave her two nights in a row.  I told him I'd think about it, and when he asked again I told him let's take it one step at a time and see how dinner went first.  Saturday morning rolled around, and we needed to make a decision - either way, we needed to invite people to go with us to the game.  If I was going, it would be another couple, if I wasn't, it would be boys night.  I was leaning towards not going, because (a) I just really don't care about hockey and (b) I was having anxiety about leaving Lilly again, even though she did absolutely fine on Friday night with Grandmommy and Aunt Niecey.  HOWEVER, I could tell that for whatever reason, Dan really wanted me to go.  So, we called my  Aunt Jennifer, Uncle David and cousin Ethan to see if they'd be available to babysit, and when they said yes I decided to go to the hockey game.

The next problem we faced had to do with nursing.  I have been exclusively pumping for the most part this week, with some (but not a lot) on-the-boob time here and there.  We needed to leave for the game no later than 6:30.  I pumped at 3:30, and have been pumping every 3-4 hours during the day.  I also have been pumping for 30 minutes at a time because my milk lets down like 293847298374 times, so I'm trying to maximize the amount I get per pumping session.  Long story short: I wasn't sure how to deal with the pumping situation.  I didn't want to pump at 5:30 while I was getting ready because it was so soon and I wasn't sure it would be worth the effort (i.e. I didn't think I'd get much).  I also didn't want to wait until we got home from the game, because I knew it would be a painful (and leaky) experience.  6:30 would have been the earliest I wanted to pump, and that's when we needed to leave.  So, my friends, I give you the definition of true love:
Pumping in the car on the way to the hockey game.  Dear husband and child: please appreciate the things I do for you.  Hilarity and embarrassment ensued when we were stopped to pay for parking and I was just chilling in the passenger seat being milked like a cow.  Poor parking attendant fellow.  Not so funny was the fact that I normally pump for 30 minutes but only had time to pump for 20, so there was a LOT of leakage.  Thank the Lord I wore black and you couldn't see it.

The game was fine, except we lost in double over time (and yes, you can imagine my horror when I'd been counting down the  minutes and we went into overtime not once, but twice).  It was nice to get out of the house again and spend some time with friends.  AND I enjoyed my first beer since May 21, 2011 (Leah's wedding day, and I seem to remember a lot of shotgunning behind a barn...).  I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry about Lilly, even though I knew she was fine.  I only texted to check in during the first and third periods, which I felt showed remarkable restraint.  And really, I shouldn't have been worried at all.  She spent a lot of time like this:
My child LOVES to be loved on, so I'm sure she was just as much in Heaven as Aunt Jennifer, Uncle David and Ethan were!  They said she did great, that she was a little gassy (gets it from her father) but other than that an angel.

In the end, I'm glad I went to the game.  As Mom told me Saturday morning, I would had to have gone out and left Lilly sooner or later.  I missed her the whole time I was gone, but she was in great hands and she did just fine.

I'll leave you with some more cuteness from the weekend, really because I can't resist:

Look at that belly!
Happy girl this morning.  Thanks, Kristen, for the beautiful monogrammed gown which I LOVE to sleep in and Mommy LOVES because it's so precious!  And thanks to Aunt Andrea for the beautiful burp cloths that coordinate with my nursery bedding.  :-)
Happy Sunday!


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