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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Swim Lesson!

Tonight, Lilly and Hadley had their first swim lesson at the YMCA.  Steph and I signed the girls up for a "mommy daddy and me" class a few weeks ago, and we've been both excited and nervous about swim lessons ever since.  We both said prior to today that as long as the water wasn't cold and the girls weren't screaming the whole time/non-cooperative, that we'd feel like it was a success.

The class was pretty much what we thought it would be: there was a lot of singing, silliness and just generally getting the kids acclimated to the water.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, we take Lilly to the pool as many times as we can per week because she loves it, so I wasn't too worried about her being in the water - I was more worried about the water temperature (L doesn't like to be cold!) and her temperament (the class ran awfully close to our bedtime routine).  Turns out we had reason to be worried about the water temperature - it was cold.  

Both girls did great despite shorter naps than usual this afternoon (poor H had to be woken up from hers!).  Sweet Hadley did not shed a single tear the entire time!  Lilly did wonderfully as well for about 85% of the lesson.  Towards the end, she decided that she was over being cold, and there were tears followed by a slight meltdown.  We were able to distract her for a few minutes, but right before the end of the lesson she had had enough and we went ahead and took her out of the pool.  When I took her from Dan, she was just shivering and whimpering and pitiful.  Not to worry, though - as soon as we got her into some dry clothes and she warmed back up, she was all smiles again.  She laughed, talked, cooed, giggled and squealed the entire way home.  I think we may invest in some sort of full body suit for the next lesson.  Does anyone have any experience with those?  Or other suggestions of ways to keep L warmer in the water?

I haven't had time to go through all of the 283947239847 photos that I took - I made several batches of baby food tonight and am too beat to deal with it (besides, I think Steph's are going to be much better because she is a fabulous photog!).  However, I did snag a few with my iPhone to tide you over until I can sort through the photos from my camera to see whether I got any good ones:

Besties and babies before the swim lesson started

Getting ready to get in the pool

The girls and their daddies

Post-meltdown happiness

I'm much warmer now, Mom!

That's all for me - I'm exhausted!  Happy Hump Day!


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