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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mom's Weekend Away

This past weekend marked an important milestone for all of us: my first weekend away!  I have been away from Lilly for a night before (twice), but no more than 8-10ish hours.  I was looking forward to the weekend, because the purpose of my trip was to celebrate Sheila.  It was also a good warm up for her wedding next month, which will be the first time Dan and will both be leaving Lilly for a long weekend (4 days).  Eek!

Dan came home from work on Friday around 2:00, just in time for L's afternoon nap, and the two of them headed to the beach to spend the weekend with Grandma Susie and Papa (nap time in the car so as to avoid a bored infant is ideal).  I know they were both excited to get to spend some time with Dan's parents, and I'm sure Dan appreciated the help (L had a few good nights in a row at the end of last week, but the teething monster reappeared in full force and made it a rough night for Dan and our little bean on Saturday night!).  Mommy was not quite as excited for them to leave - in fact, I cried when I had to say goodbye.  I put in a few more hours of work before heading to Charleston for the weekend.

I am happy to report that all went well.  I had a great time celebrating with Sheila and all of her closest friends and family:

Charleston as seen from the Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar

The beautiful bride to be in the awesome sunglasses we were all given!  Seriously, check them out - I've gotten tons of compliments.  I love them!

Dan and Lilly had a wonderful weekend with the grandparents as well.  Dan didn't get annoyed with me when I called to check in no less than 4 times between 2pm on Friday when they left and 7:30 pm when Lilly went to bed.  He also sent me lots of photo updates of the weekend's activities:

Sweet girl woke up with lots of smiles for Daddy, Grandma & Papa

They took a trip to the North Carolina Aquarium on Saturday and Lilly LOVED watching all of the fish!  Dan said she was enthralled and got very serious whenever anything swam by.

Dan's idea of hilarity at the aquarium
Lots of snuggles from Papa and Grandma!

More snuggles from the grandparents

My sweet, serious girl

My "Good Morning Mommy" text on Sunday
It was a good weekend for everyone.  I'm sure my trip away was good for all of us, and even though I missed Dan, Layla and Lilly terribly, I must admit that it was nice to relax and have some time to myself, and I had a wonderful time.  BUT, I sure did miss this face...

I told Dan that I swear she grew two feet while I was gone!  It was good to be able to ease into our upcoming wedding travels and time away from Lilly.  This time, she stayed with Daddy and all went well, so it made me less anxious for what's to come.  Over the next few months, she'll get to spend lots of time with both sets of grandparents - she'll be in excellent hands.  I know she's looking forward to it...and I'm sure I'll have a lot of un-spoiling to do upon our returns.  :-)

Random unrelated thought:  Please read Steph's post about hair bows.  If there was any way for you to begin to fathom how many times I've gotten the same questions, you'd laugh as hard as I did when you read it.

Hope your transition back into the work week wasn't too terrible!


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