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Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 Months Old


That is how I feel as I read the title I just wrote.  10 months old?!  Where did the time go, and how did we get here?  Where did my baby go, and who is this beautiful, smart, funny little person?!  I am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that in a mere two months, I will have a one-year-old.

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Dan's family at the beach, and of course I somehow managed to forget my camera and our 10-month sticker (sigh), so I am a day late on this post.  Better late than never, I say...and anyway, it was better this way because we got to take them in the chair in L's room like all of the others.  Consistency appeals to my "Type A" side.  I'll save the stats for tomorrow because I'm exhausted, but for now I thought I'd post a million few pictures.  I try to narrow them down, I really do, but she is just so expressive and it cracks me up!

Getting Lilly to cooperate for these pictures has become increasingly more challenging as the months have passed.  I have no idea WHAT Dan was doing behind me to get her to cooperate, but I'm sure if anyone had seen it he'd be embarrassed.  Sadly for him, it only bought us about 30 seconds of cooperation...

Belly laugh.  Clearly Daddy is the funniest. which point she began plotting her escape from the chair, which is a common occurrence as of late.

We then moved on to L's ASU rocking chair which was made by Moneque.  Be sure to check her out (and like her on Facebook while your'e at it) - homegirl is so crafty and has always been able to do anything I've requested.  Thanks for the chair, Mo - L LOVES to sit in it and rock!  I'll have to remember to get a video of that at some point, because it's really quite cute.

Rocking in her chair lasted about 30 more seconds, until Lilly convinced Daddy to help her walk around the room (let's be honest, all it took was a little batting of the eyes and some baby coos and giggles accompanying her chubby little outstretched arms):

This kept her attention for slightly longer, but before long she was off to destroy read some books. 

Lilly was reading "Brown Bear" to Mommy when she heard Daddy turn on the water in the bathroom, at which point she was off again.  She LOVES the bath.  Lately, as soon as she hears the water running she drops whatever she's doing, starts squealing and takes off towards the bathroom at lightning speed.  

Lilly discovered the toilet for the first time a few weeks ago, and I have had to be very careful about keeping the lids closed ever since.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she figures out how to open the lid - I'm trying not to think about the grossness.

This may be my favorite picture of all of the ones we took tonight, she's looking around to figure out what she can get into next!
That's all for me tonight - I'll try really hard to post the monthly "update" portion tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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