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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Houston Trip

Two blog posts in one week...dare I say I'm on fire?!  Just trying to play some serious catch-up!

At the end of February, we took a trip to Houston to visit Dan's sister Mere and her husband Mikey.  Although Lilly has been on a plane once before, I was more nervous about this flight.  First of all, the last time we flew with her, Lilly had barely started crawling and was still sleeping a lot during the day.  These days, with her walking and generally being into everything all the time, I was nervous about how she'd do with having to sit in our laps for an extended period of time.  Additionally, this was right around the time that Lilly had pneumonia, so I was slightly worried about that as well.  

Luckily, we got lots of good advice and suggestions, and she did better than I ever anticipated.  L was genuinely intrigued by all of the new faces on the plane, and spent a lot of time hamming it up with our surrounding passengers (sister is many things, but shy is not [normally] one of them).  In a nutshell, here are a few travel tips that worked for us the second time around:

  • I saved a few small toys and some books that L got as birthday presents and didn't let her see them until we got on the plane.  My first purse and Elmo books (both courtesy of her bestie) provided quite a good bit of entertainment.
  • Several people suggested that I take things that are sticky, such as sticky notes (my SIL's suggestion via a girlfriend of hers) and painters tape (L's pediatrician recommended this).  So, I armed myself with both of those as well as flags.  These three things provided HOURS (yes hours) of entertainment.  Serious life savers.  Lilly had a blast sticking them to the back of the tray table and moving them around.
  • I was armed with lots of snacks, and once again made sure we had plenty of fluid/water to protect her little ears and prevent them from popping during take-off and landings.
  • We downloaded a few episodes of Sesame Street onto the iPad as well as a few new apps (she loves the Fisher Price apps, and the iPad cover that Aunt Meagan and Uncle Bo gave L for Christmas also came in handy!).  

I was worried about layovers and missed naps on both travel days, but both actually ended up working to our advantage.  Layovers provided a nice break for L and she was able to run around and get some energy out.  Additionally, missed naps didn't cause nearly the dilemma I assumed they would (homegirl loves her sleep).  We were very fortunate that we did not suffer any meltdowns (even on our return flight, when L not only missed her afternoon nap but refused to sleep until we landed and got in the car to head home at 11:30 pm...yes you read that correctly).  

Without further ado, here are some photos from our fun trip to Houston.  We had a blast visiting with Aunt Mere & Uncle Mikey!  Disclaimer: I forgot to take an actual camera, so all of the photos are crappy iPhone photos with the exception of the ones that Mere took (I'm sure it goes without saying because you can clearly tell, but Mere's beautiful photos are the ones from the park!).

Friday morning, we left Raleigh to head to Houston.  

Lilly made a friend in the airport (you can't really see her, but she's behind L's head).  She had an iPad and Lilly wanted to see what she was watching.

Getting ready for takeoff!

What's that?  You're too busy to nap on the plane?  Sesame Street with Daddy it is.

Aforementioned painters tape/flags/sticky note obsession.  HOURS of entertainment, I tell you.

Lilly fell asleep on my shoulder LITERALLY as we were descending into Houston.  At that point, she was so tired that she slept HARD for about an hour.  She even stayed asleep for the walk through the airport!

We finally landed!  Uncle Mikey picked us up at the airport.  Luckily, the car seat travel bag we ordered prior to the first time we flew fit both the infant car seat and our convertible car seat.  I HIGHLY recommend it!

Once we arrived at Mere & Mikey's house, we relaxed and had an easy night.  Lilly had just enough of a nap that she was good to go until bed time, so we played outside (Did I mention that the weather in Houston was GORGEOUS?!  It was a nice change from the cold temperatures we've had in Raleigh).

Dan loved the hammock so much that he got one for his birthday last week.  He has already set it up in the back yard and used it!

Lilly enjoying her cheese dip from Lupe Tortilla.  Best cheese dip in the world, and I'm not even kidding.  Right, Steph?

On Saturday, we had breakfast and then walked to the local farmer's market.  After Lilly's morning nap, we went to the Houston Zoo, which is amazing...I HIGHLY recommend a trip if you're ever in the area.  We didn't get to explore even half of it, but we had a blast.  Saturday night was date night at the best sushi restaurant ever (unfortunately I can't remember the name...I'll update later when I find out).

Saturday morning snuggles with Daddy

Stylin' on the way to the farmer's market

Lilly LOVED the petting zoo!  The goats, unfortunately, ran from her just like Layla does, but she had fun chasing them.

This next series of photos is from where we FED A GIRAFFE.  Seriously.  It was the coolest thing ever, and possibly the highlight of Dan's life.  Look how close we got!!!!!

Lilly was not amused.  Just sleepy.
Date night!  Thanks to Christine & Grady for watching Baby Lilly for us.

On Sunday, we ate a delicious Mexican brunch and then took Lilly to the park in her PJs.  It was, as Mere would say, all the fun.

YUM I love Mexican food, especially black beans!!!

We really spent the rest of the day relaxing together before our flight back home.  I guess due to missing some naps, Lilly was extra tired, so she took the longest nap I think she's ever taken on Sunday (which may be why she wouldn't sleep on the flight home, even though it was so late!).  Mere & Mikey and Dan and I spent the afternoon playing canasta and relaxing.

I included this picture because I find her facial expression to be hilarious.

We had a blast in Houston and really enjoyed letting Mere & Mikey show us around their town.  Next visit, they'll have a little nugget of their own...and we can't wait!


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