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Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Year Old - The Photos

I wanted to do a post about all of our fun Easter activities this week but I haven't gone through all of the photos yet, so maybe next week.  The weather has been so nice that we've been spending all of our evenings outside, so I've been playing catch-up on other things after L goes to bed and haven't had a chance to blog.  

In the mean time, I wanted to show off some fabulous photos that were taken by my bestie, Stephanie Aldridge Photography.  I know I brag on her all the time, but seriously y'all, she is the best.  You should book her for photos, stat.  

I wanted to have some one year photos taken of Lilly (and a few of us as a family as well).  As it turns out, L was decidedly not feeling too cooperative by herself, but the photos Steph took still turned out beautifully.  I am so thankful to have such a talented best friend who captures our memories so beautifully!

I am about to blow up the blog with tons of photos, because there's not a chance I can narrow them all down, so I'll keep the words to a minimum.  Let's be honest, that's all anyone stops by for anyway, right?  :-)  Thanks to Steph, as always, for being amazing.  

All images below are courtesy of Stephanie Aldridge Photography.  Enjoy!

Loves her Daddy!

For some reason she was pretty attached to this stick...

Chair by Gifts and Mo, check her out!

Couldn't you just die over the outfit?!  Thanks, Auntie Sheila!

Just LOL

The stick again...

I want to eat her face.  The end.

Happy Thursday!


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