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Monday, June 10, 2013

One More

I am having a problem, friends.  You see, I find my kid to be irresistibly cute.  And because of that, particularly when L is being snuggly and affectionate and loving and sugary sweet, I find it hard to tell her "no."  The problem lies in the fact that she knows how to work me.  It's like she thinks to herself, "UGH I AM SO TIRED OF SNUGGLING.  But Mom will give me what I want if I endure it.  Wellll looks like she's about to put me to bed.  Betcha if I give her one more kiss and some sweet giggles she'll sit here with me a while longer."  Sigh.

For some reason, Lilly woke up at 6 am today.  I am pretty sure she hasn't done that since she was approximately one day old (obviously that is an exaggeration, the point is that L [thankfully] loves her sleep and very rarely wakes up early).  It could have been because the construction workers were banging on god knows what in the house that's being built across the street (UGH.  WHY do they have to start so early?!).  She really tried to go back to sleep...she would talk to herself for a few minutes and then roll over and be still for a bit, but it was like she had gotten just enough sleep that she couldn't sleep anymore.  She was happy, so I left her in her crib talking and playing until she was ready to get up, which was around the normal time (8 am).  Anyway, all that to say, between that and some loss of sleep due to weekend activities, homegirl was tired.  I had to wake her up from a 4-hour nap today, and even after four hours she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was a total crab.  It got better as the evening progressed, but I had already decided to start our bedtime routine a little earlier than normal this evening.

Fast forward a few hours.  Bath had been given (twice, because she pooped in the tub...sigh), teeth and hair were brushed, jammies were on and we had just finished books and prayers.  After all of that, I normally rock L and sing her a song before putting her in her crib.  I sing a variety of things, but her favorites seem to be "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Never Grow Up" by T Swift, "The Best Thing" by James Morrison, "Lullaby" by Billy Joel, "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins or "Golden Slumbers" (Ben Folds version).  Anyway, I am pretty sure tonight I sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" first, and she was so tired and her little eyes were heavy and she was working so hard not to close them, and she was making these soft little noises (I presume she was trying to hum and it was REAL cute).  So I finished singing and asked for a kiss, and she gave me one and then said, "one more?"  Of course I melted.  So then I sang something else, who knows what.  Anyway, I got "one more-d" into singing probably 4 songs, until finally she said, "Baby, please?"  Which meant she wanted "Baby Mine."  I mean honestly, how am I supposed to say no to that snuggly, sleepy, sweet face and voice?!

I was just thinking today about how I seriously need to go ahead and back-date an Easter post considering it is June, ha!  Maybe I'll get to it someday.  In the mean time, I shall leave you with some recent cuteness:

Sitting in a dinosaur footprint!

Daddy made me a dish towel cape
Park with Carney.  Can't believe she touched the sand!

Moooommmmm, let me in to play with Pawpaw's chickens!

Naked swimming at Mimi & Pawpaw's house

That tush, I die!

What happens when you say, "Say cheese, Lilly!"

Happy Monday!


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