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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Separation Anxiety

Over the past two weeks in particular, I've noticed that Lilly has been abnormally clingy.  She's been attached to both Dan and myself at different times, but really she has been the worst with me.  Carney told me that in recent days L has been walking around calling me during the day when I'm at work, which she's never done before.  

I'm not sure why all of a sudden she is so attached.  She has always been a little shy at first when meeting new people, hanging around me just long enough to get comfortable and then forgetting all about me after making friends, but recently the forgetting about Mommy isn't happening!  My Mom said that I did the same thing when I was around L's age and I was a kid that would go to anyone, so I shouldn't fret too much.  

I did some light googling and determined that it's normal for separation anxiety to "peak" around 18 months and go away completely by age 3.  I guess I am not really super concerned about it, because it seems like as soon as I'm gone and L can't see me anymore, she goes back to being fine, it's just not something I'm used to and so I'm feeling whiny about it.  The fact that Lilly has gotten just a tiny bit upset the past two mornings when I've left for work has not been easy to stomach (or to walk out the door away from, for that matter!), but Carney has assured me (and Meagan has confirmed when dropping off Kinsley) that Lilly bean is fine within a minute or two of my departure.

Speaking of Kinsley, we started our new nanny share this week and so far it seems to be going pretty well!  Luckily Meagan's work was flexible with her schedule, so we've been able to ease into the new routine.  Kinsley stayed with Carney and Lilly for 2 hours Monday and 4 hours today, and she'll be here for 6 hours tomorrow before tackling a full day on Thursday.  She has been an angel, according to Carney.  Lilly started showing some signs of jealousy today - I think she's gotten used to having Carney to herself for the past 2.5ish months - but Carney said that even so, she's still very interested in Kinsley and wants to hug and kiss her all of the time.  I hope they all ease into the new routine quickly and painlessly.  I think they are going to be the best of friends before long!

That's all of the randomness for tonight, just wanted to stop in for a quick update. And now, I leave you with a photo, which I have been absolutely terrible about taking as of late.  Bad mama.  I was actually going to leave you with four photos, but I'm blogging from a different computer tonight and it for some reason will not let me rotate photos so that they're positioned right side up before uploading.  Since I refuse to upload sideways photos, there's only one.  Sad.

Fun at the pool with the Munns on Saturday.  I love this expression!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. D is having a bit of anxiety when I leave too. Just a touch though and he's fine within 30 seconds. I'm kind of eating it up. ;)

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