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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Week Update

Written on July 17, 2011
It has been a long while since I blogged – I’ve made a mental goal to get better at it.  I am hoping that once I actually get the blog up and running I will write more.  For now, writing in Word documents is kind of boring.  Plus, I keep worrying that our blog will be the most boring ever since there are not a lot of pictures so far.  Note to self: look on Amazon for a cord that connects camera to computer so as to avoid having the most boring blog in the history of the world.
Baby B and I are doing just fine.  As I write this, a few days late, our little Geronimo is the size of a prune.  It’s hard to believe how quickly he/she is growing!  I read that he/she is developing bones and teeth this week, and that the stomach and kidneys are kicking into gear.  Also, if Dan is right and really only sent “boy swimmers,” his little boy parts will start making testosterone this week.  How manly.
We had another appointment at the doctor this week, which turned out to be the most pointless appointment ever.  It was partly because all of my files were in the process of being shipped from my doctor in Charlotte to my doctor in Raleigh since the last time I went, and also partly because my new doctor’s office hadn’t gotten a chance to thoroughly look through them yet.  Dan went with me, mainly because we weren’t sure what they would be doing this appointment and he didn’t want to miss the chance to see an ultrasound if we were having one.  We met with the nurse practitioner, who told me I’d be getting a pap smear (sorry to all of my boy readers!) to do several tests, one of which was a blood test for HIV.  Before you all judge me, please know that I am not promiscuous – these tests are required by the state of North Carolina.  Don’t believe me?  Check it.
Anyway, the problem with this is that I had already had this series of tests at my very first appointment in Charlotte.  I told the nurse practitioner that I didn't mind doing them again, but that I was 99% sure I'd already had these tests done.  Sure enough, after examination of my files, she believed me.  Point for Sarah.  Stay away from the lady parts today.
All of that business aside, she gave us some information and answered some questions we had.  My sister-in-law recommended to me when we first found out we were pregnant to keep a notebook with me and write down any questions I had to make doctor’s visits easier.  Best recommendation ever.  I didn’t do it before my first appointment, and as a result afterwards I thought of about 5 things I meant to ask the doctor and forgot.
We finally were taken to an exam room where she got out the Doppler to try to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  I was excited, because it’s been a few weeks since we’ve gotten to hear it!  She rubbed that wand all over my belly for what seemed like 20 minutes (I’m quite sure it was no more than 10…maybe even 5, just seemed longer), and couldn’t find the heartbeat.  I was beyond disappointed, since we’d been able to hear it twice before already, and she assured us there was nothing wrong – it was still a little early to hear.  Just then, literally the second before she was about to give up, she found it!  I, of course, cried – I can’t help it!  Gets me every time.  Baby’s heartbeat is strong and healthy, and Mom and Dad were ecstatic to get to hear it. 
Our next appointment is August 5, and it is a big one because they will do a first trimester screening, which is basically a series of a LOT of tests which I'm pretty sure was designed just to make me miserable.  More on that later!

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