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Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Proofing

I know what you must  be thinking, we have PLENTY of time for that.  It's true, the baby is in my womb and still a long way away from crawling.  But these things must be considered.

I got to thinking about this because of our impending visit from the cutest kids ever and their parents.  I have been worrying about a variety of things, starting with the fact that our house, while I love it, is not very kid-friendly.  Ian, the youngest of my nephews, just started walking, and Andrea says he is a walking/running machine!  So, I've been trying to figure out how to rid our house of all dangerous corners and obstacles.  Case in point: the coffee table will be moved into a closet at least until Sunday, and we've moved anything breakable to where it can't be reached by a one-year-old.

We also do not have fun toys and kid things like they have at their house.  It's okay, because they're only coming for a weekend visit, and they normally bring a bag full of fun stuff anyway,  but I like to spoil them.  Today we went on a grocery store and Target run to get tons of stuff to make them happy.  My favorite purchases were the Disney Princess and Toy Story-themed dishes we got...SO cute!  I hope they like them.

Anyway, all of this has me thinking that we have a LOT to learn about kids!  I have been reading up, of course (Dan has too!  Maybe I'll do a book review for a later blog post), and trying to prepare as much as possible, but Mom always told me you'll never really be ready.  Lots of random thoughts and nerves in general this evening while we wait for their arrival, but I am SO EXCITED for the weekend, and can't wait to see Chris, Andrea, Ryan, Erica and Ian!

I shall leave you with one more example of why they are the cutest: Andrea told me that earlier today, Erica asked her when she could have a sleepover at Dan and Sarah's.  Andrea told her that she could have one tonight, and Erica's reply was, "No a sleepover means Mommy and Daddy don't stay."  Seriously, I could eat them with a spoon!


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