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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lilly's First Halloween!

I was heading out the door this morning before it was time to wake Lilly up.  On my way out I asked Dan if he would please dress her in her Halloween outfit today.  

Dan: You want her to wear it all day?
Sarah: Not her Halloween costume, her Halloween outfit.
Dan: What's the difference?
Sarah: (Rolls eyes)

Of course Dan doesn't understand, but I wanted her to wear the outfit since she won't be able to wear it anymore after today!

Lilly was in an exceptional mood this evening.  Dan picked her up and got started feeding her a little earlier than normal so that we could take her trick-or-treating prior to her normal 7:30 - 8:00 bed time.  We only went to four houses - just a few neighbors - but she had a great time!  Before we did, though, Meagan was nice enough to come take some pictures of us on the porch (sans Layla, who had to be put inside at this point because she and Fender were barking at the trick-or-treaters who were starting to come out):

Thanks for taking our pictures, Meagan!  Next year, your little one will be walking around with us.  :-)

After we snagged a million few photos, we were off!

Our first stop was to visit Lilly's friend Callie.  Lilly and Callie stay with the nanny together every day.  They are so cute together - Callie kept trying to give Lilly candy and didn't understand why she couldn't have any.

After we visited with Callie, we had to hurry through a few more houses because L was getting antsy.

All of the trick or treating wore baby girl out!  She was so tired that she went straight to bed without playing in her crib for a while first, which is rare.  

In case you weren't already on cute overload, I'll leave you with a few pics that Steph took over the weekend when we got the girls together for a little Halloween photo shoot.  Are they the cutest zebra and owl you've ever seen, or what?  The following photos are courtesy of Stephanie Aldridge Photography:

Happy Halloween, y'all!


1 comment:

  1. Layla's face in those pics...LOL she is like "OMG I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!!"


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