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Monday, October 8, 2012

We have a tooth! And other randoms.

Howdy, friends!  Long time, no write, I know.  We are full speed ahead these days with a VERY mobile child, and that combined with life in general rarely leaves me time to even blink, much less blog!  As I haven't blogged in a week or more, I thought I'd do a quick weekend update before bed tonight.

Lilly Bean has been a busy bee developmentally this week.  I guess I should start with nap time on Wednesday (I had an all-day work event on Monday, so Carney agreed to work Monday morning and I gave her Wednesday morning off instead.).  I heard a noise on the monitor and turned it on to discover the following:

This child had JUST learned how to push herself up into a sitting position from laying down like the week before.  She is seriously all. over. the place.  I swear, we are in trouble!  I sent the above photos to Dan, and we decided that it was probably time to lower the crib.  Lilly was really only halfway pulling up on the crib but not really getting all the way up, and she did the same thing at bed time that night so I wasn't really worried on Friday when I realized we had forgotten to lower the crib...until I put her down for a nap, heard a noise and  looked in the monitor to see this:

Seriously?  She is all but hanging over the edge.  I had to go upstairs FOUR TIMES during this particular nap before the child stopped trying to escape her crib and finally went to sleep.  She's lucky she's cute (she's so proud of herself!):

Luckily, Lilly has no problem playing in her crib by herself before winding down to go to sleep.  She'll go through several rounds of rolling around, sitting up, standing up, sitting down, rolling around some more and repeating, all the while squealing, squawking, talking to herself and cackling.  Eventually she'll wear herself out, wind down and finally fall asleep.  Anyway, needless to say the crib was lowered on Friday as soon as Dan got home from work.

Uncle Frankie came to town for a rare visit, so after work on Friday Lilly and I packed it up and headed downtown to meet he and Dan for a drink (I LOVE these pictures...they are so typical):

Dan mentioned earlier in the week that date night on Friday might be fun, so we dropped L off at home with a sitter and then headed back downtown (we're lucky we live so close!) for First Friday.  Sadly, I didn't get any photos, but it was a fun night out for the two of us.

Saturday was one big whirlwind.  We ran a TON of errands and did some general cleaning and organizing around the house (why is it that cleaning and organizing always seem to pile up?!).  Uncle Billy Ocean came over for a while around dinner time to play before heading out with Daddy to watch the NCSU/FSU game:

One thing I forgot to mention was that on Saturday afternoon, we discovered that L has FINALLY sprouted a tooth!  The poor child has been teething for months, so I'm glad she finally has something to show for her hard work.  I don't have a picture because you can't really see it yet - but you can definitely feel it (I started to suspect said tooth because she bit me, and then later in the day when she finally let me close to her mouth I was able to confirm my suspicions).  Plus, have you ever tried to get an 8-month-old to cooperate for a picture of their mouth?  Not easy.

Today was supposed to be a very relaxing day.  We went to church this morning, then came home to feed Lilly and get her ready to go down for a nap.  Dan took over the feeding, so I took that opportunity to go to the grocery store, which turned out to be a terrible decision as my wallet was stolen right out of my purse while I was there.  Which made most of the afternoon a complete nightmare.  Sigh.  In between calling to cancel debit and credit cards at 4 different banks, there was a lot of frozen blueberry gnawing (I suspect that we may be trying to sprout more than one tooth at a time):

We are in the middle of a cold front and the weather suddenly got really cold overnight, so Dan bundled L up for an after-dinnner walk:

I am still not sure how he got that outfit to zip as it is size 3-6 months.  He was just SO excited that he found something warm for Lilly to wear that I didn't want to break his heart and make him take it off.  Luckily, she was a good sport:

I cooked a big pot of white chicken chili for dinner (one of our favorites - will post the recipe soon!), and we've been busy making five batches of baby food and doing quite a few loads of laundry ever since.  It never ends, I tell you!

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!


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  1. Oh no! I can't believe your wallet was stolen! I once left my wallet in the cart at the grocery store - and no kind souls turned it in - but that was my own fault.

    Can't believe how mobile she's getting! You're about to seriously have your hands full! If you don't already...haha


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