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Thursday, January 24, 2013

12 Months Old

Dear Lilly:

Today is your first birthday.  Can you believe it?  Mommy sure can't.  I have been an emotional wreck all day long!  I am not sad, sweet girl - I just can't believe you've been with us for a whole year already.  Time is flying by way too quickly, and sometimes I wish I could just press "pause."

I will never forget this day last year.  Your Daddy and I were so nervous about your birth day, but so excited to meet you (Layla was too - don't let her tell you otherwise!).

Luckily you didn't keep us waiting too long...I don't think we could have handled the anticipation!

In the past year, we have done so much together, and you have taught Daddy and me so much.  I hope that we have taught you a few things, too.  I never knew I could love anybody else as much as I love you and Daddy.  You are such a blessing, Lilly bean.  You are so smart - you learn something new every day, and I love watching you absorb the world around you like a little sponge.  You are a beautiful little girl, and you are developing the most amazing personality.  You are serious sometimes, a total ham most of the time, and SO expressive - I think you get that from Mommy.  I love how excited you are to see Daddy and me every morning when you wake up, and there isn't much I love more than your sleepy bed time snuggles while I sing to you.  You are such a sweet little thing, and I love that you are so free with your kisses (Please scale that back before your teenage years so Daddy won't have a heart attack!).  My favorite sound in the whole wide world is your laugh, and your little smile lights up the whole room.  The best giggles happen when Daddy is being goofy, and I love how you have him wrapped around your little finger already.

I love you so much, Lillian Grace, and we have been so blessed this past year.  I hope you had a wonderful first birthday, and I can't wait to celebrate many, more with you (but not so fast, please!).  I thank God every day for choosing me to be your Mommy.

Happy First Birthday, Lilly.  I love you to the moon and back, times infinity.




  1. Tears can't wait til she reads this one day Sarah. You are a fabulous Mommy for keeping up with this blog. She will treasure it as she grows. Happy Birthday Lilly! Xoxos!

  2. When your children are 34, 30, and 22 you will still love them to the moon and back, times infinity. Enjoy the journey, and trust God - never leave Him out of the picture. Love you all!


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