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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Year of Lilly

Just popping in to announce that we survived Lilly's first birthday party!  It was a lot of work - I don't know why I always put so much stress on myself! - but it was worth it, and we had a wonderful day.  I will devote a whole separate post to that, and I know I still need to write about our doctor's visit and L's 12-month stats, too!  Steph was nice enough to bring her camera (and photography skills) so that I'd have one less thing to worry about, so head on over to the Stephanie Aldridge Photography Facebook Page and holler at her "Little Ones" album if you're dying for a sneak peek.  :-)

Anyway, remember when I blogged about the slideshow I was putting together for Lilly's birthday?  Wellllll I finished it.  I wanted to get it done to show at her party, but there was a slight problem.  My original plan, since I think I mentioned that I knew better than to commit to one photo/day, was to use one photo from each week, and insert a "monthly photo" (see previous monthly posts) at the end of each month.  However, once I started putting everything together, it turned into me just using a few of my favorites from the year.  And by "a few" I mean 700.  Literally.  I know that sounds like a lot, but if you even knew how many thousands of photos we have from Lilly's first year, you'd be amazed that I was able to narrow it down to 700.  Dan made helped me narrow it down even further to 300 something, but even so, the slideshow still ended up being 12 minutes long!  Long story short, we did not have a group viewing, but rather just let it play throughout the party for anyone who wanted to watch.  I'm pretty proud of it, and need to go on record and state that Saturday was the first day I was able to work on/watch it without crying.  Such a sap!

Without further ado, go and watch The Year of Lilly.  It's long, but hopefully worth it - I worked really hard on it! 

Back soon to play catch-up...lots to blog!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Lilly!!! And I love the video - especially the song selections. So special. She's going to love watching this in a few years.


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