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Thursday, August 29, 2013

9 Weeks

Written on 7.9.13*

Today, I am 9 weeks pregnant.  This morning when I woke up, I said, “Happy 9 weeks, Baby!”  And Dan was like, "What, already?!"  Time is flying.

I went to the doctor yesterday and it was the first appointment where I actually saw a doctor (up until this point I’ve met with the NP or the ultrasound tech).  I saw Dr. T, who delivered L, and we talked about the pregnancy, went over all of my records from my last pregnancy, and I had an exam (blech).  Overall, he said that I am in good shape and that there’s not a scratch on my charts.  I’m a perfectly healthy 29-year-old with one perfect baby under my belt, so there’s no reason to believe that the next one will be any different.  Hooray!  I asked about the possibility of high blood pressure/preeclampsia/more bed rest this time around.  I think I actually said, “So what do I have to do to avoid 6 weeks of bed rest?  I don’t have time to bed rest, I have a toddler to chase.”  He looked at all of my records from last time and it turns out that my blood pressure is already much lower this time around than it started out last time, which is a good sign.  He said that the majority of the time, the issues that I had with Lilly's pregnancy only happen on first-time pregnancies.  I have some high blood pressure in my family, though, so he said not to rule it out.  He just said to “have my house in order” by the time we get to the third trimester in the case that we have to rest some more.  Fingers crossed for no resting!!!

Since second-time babies are normally bigger and Lilly was a good size, I asked about standard procedure for determining “how big is too big” and how to avoid it.  He said the only thing I have control over is weight gain, and noted that he doesn’t want to see me gain more than 20 lbs (25 max) this time around.  I am 10 lbs heavier than I was at the start of the last pregnancy (which according to Dr. T is 10 lbs overweight [ugh], even though my general practitioner told me recently that my weight is perfect for my height [sigh]), so I suppose I really need to watch it.  This is extremely unfortunate considering that I will be pregnant at Thanksgiving and Christmas (and for Chick Fil A Peppermint Milkshakes).  I’m on day two of “don’t give into cravings” and so far it’s going well.  2 down, a lot more to go.

Other than that, all is well.  I definitely feel like I’m already starting to show.  We told our families our news over the weekend (with the exception of my sister and Dan’s, who are both currently pregnant…I wanted Katy to have Mason before I told her and I’d like Mere to have her baby shower [this weekend] before I tell her).  They are all so observant that I knew they’d figure it out anyway, and Katy confirmed that I decidedly have a pooch that is getting hard to hide.  Pictures to come at some point.

Hope everyone had a great return from the 4th of July celebrations!



  1. CONGRATS Sarah! I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time, how exciting for your little family and for L :)


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, and for following along! I have enjoyed following your blog as well. We are very excited for this new chapter! Also pretty terrified, but mostly excited. :-)


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