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Monday, August 26, 2013

The First Glimpse

written on June 17*

I have been so excited for today ever since we saw those two pink lines, because this morning we had my pregnancy confirmation appointment at with the doctor.  Up until this morning, we had absolutely no concept of how far along I was, so I was really excited for them to determine a due date.  Plus, we got an ultrasound.  Things are finally starting to feel real.

The nurse practitioner at my practice got married and moved, which I was a little sad about because I liked her…until I discovered that the nurse who is taking over her role is my favorite nurse in the whole office.  I consider that a sign that this is going to be a fabulous pregnancy and there will be no high blood pressure (My BP is fine at every other doctor I go to except the OB.  I have serious white coat syndrome from the last pregnancy.  But today, luckily, it was A-OK.  We’re off to a good start, folks.).

I think I mentioned before that I wasn’t sure Dan would care about going with me to the doctor this time around, but he has informed me that he at least wants to be there for ultrasounds (which doesn't surprise me in the least, as those are the fun appointments), so off we went.  There was a lot of paperwork and just going over general pregnancy-related things.  They went ahead and gave me a sample of a pre-natal vitamin with all kinds of fiber (and stool softeners) to try since I had so much trouble with constipation last time (ugh), so we’ll see how that goes.  I also mentioned that I have been nauseated already, so the NP gave me a sample of an all natural anti-nausea pill that she said all of the women have been raving about.  Fingers crossed I won’t have to use it too much!

A quick ultrasound determined that I am REALLY early in the pregnancy.  As of today, I am 5 weeks, 6 days.  I have NO idea when my last period was because it’s never normal / "on time," but it turns out that my “best guess” as to when I had it last was way off, ha!  I did warn them of that, because when I started to try to think back to events that were happening when I last had my cycle, everything ran together.  Anyway, that puts my current due date at February 11, which I find to be hilarious since Lilly’s was February 13th.  I verified with the NP that they will monitor baby’s weight closely since Lilly was 3+ weeks early and pretty hefty to have been that early.  She told me that second babies tend to be bigger (great) and that they’ll for sure keep an eye on it.  I’m holding them to it.  Anyway, there wasn’t much to see on the ultrasound, and since I’m not quite 6 weeks they didn’t even attempt to hear a heartbeat.  Baby just looks like a little sack attached to the uterine wall at this point, and it appears that the right ovary did all of the heavy lifting (can’t remember which one was the culprit last time).  Dan asked if she could tell whether there was only one, and she said, and I quote, “it’s too early to tell, this sack could still split into two identical parts.”  Let’s not even put that one in the atmosphere, ok lady?  

Anyway, because there was nothing to really see today, we didn’t get any pictures, BUT we get to go back next week just for another ultrasound.  Score!  Fingers crossed for a strong, healthy heartbeat.  And some photos for show and tell!



  1. Ok so I am just doing some math. You got a BFP on 5/30 but were only 5w 6 d on 6/17? That means you got a BFP at 3w 1 day. That's insane. The doctor has to be wrong!

    1. I thought the same thing! But I've had three ultrasounds now and all of my due dates have been the same. Maybe I just have a lot of extra hormones? Who knows!


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