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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Craft: One Week Old

Keeping on track with his big sister's one-week update, I am a day late on Craft's one-week update, oopsie!  I am finding that I don't have as much time to spare this time around between feeding this hungry hippo baby, playing with his sister and trying to catch naps where I can.  :-)  It has been a busy week indeed, trying to get settled and adjust to being a family of four.  On top of all of that, we are dealing with Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse Part 2 here in Raleigh:

The above two photos were taken yesterday about half an hour after the snow started.  It went on and on for hours - huge, thick flakes...and then we got ice.  The power went out overnight but was back on by the time we got up this morning, thank the Lord.  We are not used to this kind of weather in NC, and we've had two storms in two weeks!  It was pretty two weeks ago, but now I think we're all over it...cabin fever to the max.  Because of the ice it's more dangerous than "fun to play in," so entertaining our two-year-old for going on two days now has been a challenge!

Anyway, I digress.  In some ways, it's hard to believe it's already been a week since we welcomed Craft into our lives and in other ways (namely those pertaining to a certain tantrum-prone two-year-old!), it seems like it was ages ago, ha!  Either way, it's hard to remember what life was like before sweet Craft, and we are so happy he's finally here!  Down to business now so we can get to the fun part photos!  I'll use the same categories I used in L's updates for consistency's sake.

Weight/Length:  I am not even going to pretend that I have tried to weigh or measure this kid.  He was 22 inches and 9 lbs 5 oz at birth on Wednesday, February 5.  By the time we left the hospital on Friday, February 7, he had lost a half a pound and weighed 9 lbs even.  We had a weight check at the doctor on Sunday, February 9 and he was 9 lbs 5.5 oz, so back up to birth weight, which they seemed to be really impressed with.  The doctor was so pleased, in fact, that she gave me the "OK" to no longer wake him at night to feed him.  Ummmmmmmmmm good, since I hadn't been doing that anyway?  

Sleep:  Up until last night, we've gotten pretty lucky in the sleep department.  The first two nights in the hospital, they brought Craft in every four hours and we had to wake him up to try to feed him and he wasn't having it, so I got some rest which was nice.  Since we've been home and he's started to wake up more, he has only been up twice at night - sometime between 2-3am and then again between 6-7am.  I was feeling very lucky until he kept me up half the night last night (but I think it was my fault because he didn't need to eat, really just wanted to be held and I think I've determined that his tummy was upset from something I ate).  Either way, I can't complain, he's doing great!

Feeding:  During the day, Craft is nursing somewhere around every 2-3 hours and then he normally cluster feeds at night starting after dinner until he goes to bed.  Sometimes it's less than 2-3 hours, but I shan't complain about him eating all day since he's sleeping a lot at night, ha!  At night, as mentioned above, it's typically every 4ish hours.  We are having a much different experience with breast feeding - he latched immediately and has done great ever since.  I didn't even see a lactation consultant in the hospital, because I didn't need to.  Again, he's doing great and we're very lucky!

Developments:  Our little guy is pretty strong.  He has been holding that head up ever since the day he was born, and sometimes when I lay him down he's rolled up onto his side.  Also, not sure whether this counts as a development but he lost his umbilical cord yesterday.  I'm glad because that thing is so weird.  Finally, we've gotten some smiles already!  A few have happened when he's awake, but mostly they happen when he's sleeping so I assume he's dreaming about something awesome.  Or maybe he's gassy.

Firsts This Week:  Silly since he isn't really doing anything, but I guess he had some firsts in that he met a lot of our family and friends for the first time.  Hooray!

What I'm Thankful For:  All of the help we've had!  My mother-in-law stayed with us last week and we are so thankful that she was able to be here for Lilly.  My parents came over the weekend to meet Craft and again were so helpful with Lilly and giving her extra attention.  Finally, Aunt Hopey came on Sunday to stay for a few days and was a tremendous help.  They have all been more help than they can imagine, and we are so grateful!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  The end of snowpocalypse.  The weather is supposed to get into the 70s next week, so that will be nice.  And Valentine's Day, because for the first time ever I was on the ball and managed to grab some treats for L before we got snowed in.

Next Pediatrician Appointment:  Since Craft is an overachiever in the eating and weight department and was already back up to birth weight at our 2-day-old weight check (the pediatrician was impressed and said that's very rare), the ped had us go ahead and schedule his 2-week weight check in case we have questions, but said we could probably just call and cancel and they'd see us in a month.

How Mommy's Doing:  Feeling good, just tired but honestly no complaints.  I got on the scale the day we got home from the hospital and had lost 22 lbs (as a reminder that I do not like to talk about, I gained almost 40), so a little over halfway back to "normal."  I haven't weighed again but am curious to see whether that number is still accurate since the swelling in my stomach has continued to go down.  I was carrying a LOT of fluid.  Still dealing with some soreness and general discomfort but I haven't taken any pain meds since Sunday so there's that.  Emotionally, I've been a little hormonal - I had forgotten from my pregnancy with Lilly that I was far more hormonal after she was born than I was during my entire pregnancy.  I feel like we've had it pretty easy so far (knock on wood), so I'm feeling pretty good about things, just sneaking in naps when I can and showers on good days.  :-)

I shall leave you with my favorite iPhone photos from the week.  Enjoy the cuteness!

Big sister meets little brother

Lilly was giving Craft her lovey.  Anyone who has ever met this child knows what a HUGE deal this is.  Actually several times she has taken the tag and rubbed it on his face, which is what she does to fall asleep.  Such a sweet child!

Found his thumb!

Squishy lips.  I die.

All dressed up for the ride home!

Hilarious: in trying to be helpful, my husband basically took home my entire suitcase.  I'd planned to wear the outfit I wore to the hospital home but he had already taken it, so by the time it was time to get dressed all that was left were yoga pants and a REALLY thin white shirt that needed something underneath it.  Sigh!

He's really very alert, it's crazy to me that he's only one week old!  He's like an old man trapped in a baby's body.  


"One Week Old" photo shoot

I learned my lesson last night and am heading to bed now.  Stay warm!


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