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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Lilly

Dear Lilly:

I have been trying to sit down and write to you all day, but things just kept getting in the way - emotions, contractions, life.  Tonight was our last night as a little family of three, because bright and early tomorrow morning (if we make it that long!) Daddy and I are heading to the hospital to meet your baby brother.  We can't wait for you to meet him, too.

Our last photo as a family of three!  
i had such grand plans for your last night as an only child, but instead we spent the evening doing what we always do: we played, ate dinner as a family, had a bath, watched Elmo's world, read books and went to bed.  

Doing a puzzle together!
I know it must have worried you that Mommy was so emotional tonight!  I cried during books, during songs, while putting you down to go to sleep.  I may have hugged you a little too tight and given you a few too many kisses.  I just love you so much, sweet girl, and it's hard to believe that you'll be a big sister soon.  I hope you'll take it easy on Mommy.  I know it will be an adjustment for you - it will be an adjustment for all of us - but I think you will be the best big sister in the whole wide world.  I know that you'll be the best "Mommy's helper," and I know your baby brother will love you to the moon and back, just like Daddy and I do.

I guess I mainly just wanted to tell you that you'll always be my baby, no matter what.  You have changed my life completely in the past two years, and it's hard for me to remember what life was like before you came along.  It seems like you've always been here, teaching me, loving me, making me strive to be a better person.  You are sweet, funny, mischievous, and smart among other things, and I know you will teach baby brother to be all of those things and more (but less on the mischievous would be easier on Mommy's nerves, for sure!).  You two are going to have the best time together, I just know it.

I am so honored to be your Mommy, Lilly, and I love you so much more than you will ever know.  I can't wait to watch you and your baby brother grow up together.




  1. ... and you just made me cry!!!!!

  2. Lilly is going to be a great big sister because she has such a wonderful mother to teach her how to be a wonderful person. ( Sorry Dan unfortunately we haven't meet but I know you are a wonderful man). Praying for a healthy and safe delivery!
    Kelly Field Shepherd

  3. So sweet! The transition into a family of 4 is so much easier than you think. Once little man arrives, you will have so much joy in seeing Lilly in her new role as 'big sister'. :-). Praying for a quick and pain free delivery.

  4. I wanted to cry too! So sweet. Yay :)

  5. This was WONDERFUL! And I know this is letter is something you will all cherish forever. Best to all FOUR of you!!!

  6. I'm crying too! She will hold onto this forever. Congratulations on your sweet addition :)


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