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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Go Time Round 2

It's that time, friends!  I feel so much more nervous this time around, for some reason. 

The hospital was supposed to call between 5-8a. I got up at 5 and was ready to go by 5:30. I laid back down for some more snoozing and the hospital called at 6:30 asking us to be here around 7:30. My husband got up, went to the bathroom....and got back in bed. Seriously?!?!  Anyway we're here now and checked in. Eeeek!

More details to come!  Still no name. Seriously. We're hoping something will jump out at us when we see him...

AND...big sister is having a fun morning with grandma Susie!


  1. I hope you are holding Baby Boy by now :) If you still don't have a name you can go Picabo Street style and let him choose his name when he gets old enough… just a thought. lol

    1. We seriously at one point were like, "Well the same doctor delivered both babies and his name is George. George is a pretty strong name!" Haha!


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