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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aannnddd we're crawling...

Howdy, friends.  I am reporting to you live tonight from the Baum abode with a bit of breaking news: we are mobile.

Lilly has been rolling and scooting for about a month now, and has been pushing her upper body and lower body up separately as well.  For the past three weeks, she's been mastering the skill of pushing up onto all fours and rocking back and forth.  She even looked like she was going to get those legs going and crawl few times, but typically she would just get annoyed and plop down onto her stomach to roll/scoot/some combination of both to wherever it was she needed to go.  Until tonight.

Please excuse the video.  I am by no means an iMovie expert, but I tried.  This video was originally really long, so I tried to cut out big chunks of nothing which is why the transitions aren't perfect.  And, in case you're curious: no, we do not just have random mattresses laying around Lilly's room - I was in the process of changing her sheets when something told me to get my phone/camera.  I'm so happy I did, because it enabled me to capture this "first" on video as a result!

A little background: the spider that Lilly is after is Layla's toy.  Layla has quickly learned what is hers to play with and what off-limits to her (L's toys) unless we forget to pick Lilly's toys up before we leave the house in which case we come home and the toys are never where we left them (Layla thinks she's sneaky!).  Lilly, however, is not going to be quite as easy.  Surely it's just that she's too young to understand me when I say, "Lilly, that is not your toy, that is Layla's" and not because she's hard-headed/stubborn like her daddy, yes?  A little of both, I assume.  Anyway, my Mom bought Layla this green spider a while back and lately Lilly has taken an interest in it.  And by interest I mean she is kind of obsessed with the thing - if it is anywhere in her sight, she tries her darnedest to get to it.  And I have to be playing close attention so that I can rush over to grab it before she puts it straight into her mouth.  Blech.  Tonight, L was after it again, but since I was trying to make her bed, I decided to see what she'd do - and the result was crawling!  It is actually kind of a mix between a spider crawl and an army crawl at this point, and it's quite hysterical to watch.  Of course about the time I ran out of storage space on my iPhone and the video shut off automatically was when the crawling got really good, but at least I got the first little bit.  Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the adventures of Lilly and the spider (FYI the crawling is closer to the end in case you want to skip the build up).

Update: for some reason the video can't be played on the iPhone.  I think it has something to do with the copyright on the song or something?  Anyway, I also posted it to vimeo.

Luckily we didn't have much to child proof, but something tells me I'm going to miss the days when I could leave the room for 30 seconds and return to find Lilly in the same spot where I left her...


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