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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun With Mommy

Dan was out of town for a few days this week, so Lilly and Mommy have had to fend for ourselves.  I always appreciate him even more when he's not here, because he does so much to help out around here (don't tell him I said that, wink!).  Between working and caring for myself, Lilly and Layla, by the time she goes to bed at 7:30pm I am exhausted!  Here was my day:

6:30a - Woke up.  Jumped in the shower and started to get myself ready for the day.  I pumped, unloaded the dishwasher from when I ran it before bed the night before, started a load of Lilly's laundry, and ate breakfast all while getting ready.  Multi-tasking at its finest, I say.
7:40a - Took the baby monitor with me outside to play with Layla for a few minutes.  Can't take her on a walk if the babe isn't awake!
7:55a - Woke L up so I could love on her for a few minutes before Carney arrived.  I know what you're thinking, why would you wake a sleeping baby?  On the days she stays with Carney, I try to make sure she's up by 8 so that she is on a more consistent routine since they have to go pick Callie up from preschool midday.  Plus I wanted a snuggle before I had to leave for work.  :-)
8:00a - Carney (nanny) arrives.  I asked her to come 30 minutes early today because I had an 8:30 meeting (typically Dan is in charge of drop off).  Carney will feed L a bottle and her breakfast (solids).  I gave L a few last minute kisses, told her how much I'd miss her, and headed out the door.  Fast forward to...
5:30p - Picked L up from the neighbor's house (they head over there for the afternoon after they pick Callie up each day).
5:45p - Nursed L (super quick nursing session, as she's more into solids these days)
6:00p - Fed L her solids.
6:30p - Let Lilly play in the kitchen floor while I loaded the dishwasher with all of the day's dishes (Lilly's bottles, my bottles and pump parts, any dishes that were used during the day, etc.).  Put away the dishes that were in the drying rack because they never seem to try fully in the dishwasher (does that annoy anyone else?).  I also changed the laundry and transferred the milk I pumped at work into bags for freezing.
6:45p - Lilly and I took Layla on a walk.
7:10p - Bath time for Lilly!
7:25p - Read Lilly two books, nursed her again, said our prayers and put her to bed.
7:45p - Started more laundry, cleaned up after Lilly's play time from earlier and made two batches of baby food.
8:30p - Dan arrived home with dinner.  No more making baby food, because the Bears are playing football tonight.  Set the dishwasher on a 3-hour delay so as not to disturb Dan during aforementioned football game (it is LOUD).  Laundry can be finished tomorrow because Mama's TIRED.

Oy, just re-capping the day exhausts me!  Anyway, Dan got home this evening shortly after L went to bed.  He was super bummed that he missed her before bed time, but I took some pictures of our evening so he wouldn't feel quite as left out.

Swinging on the front porch with Mommy for a few minutes before bath time.  Lilly loves to be outside and LOVES to swing.

Happy girl enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Still happy and loving some bath time.  I still remember when she had to lay down in the bath tub in the sink.  Now we've graduated to sitting up and a big(ger) girl tub.  When did she get so big?!

Playing her new favorite game aka "I am going to wiggle around splashing and making a HUGE mess and try my darnedest to flip over and/or pull/stand up while in the bath tub."

Drying off/trying to air out some diaper rash a little :(

How come neither of them look amused?  Layla has started hanging around Lilly and me more during our evening routine, especially if Dan's not home.  She often comes into the nursery when it's bed time and sits right by the glider, and occasionally even gives L some bedtime sugar.  So sweet!

Since L won't take a paci, I hide it in a drawer and give it to her to distract her when I'm trying to change her diaper or get her dressed (otherwise she is busy trying to roll off the changing table or pull herself up to look around).  Works like a charm most of the time!

My two girls.  LOVE.
With that, I am going to bed!  If you get the chance, hop over to Steph's blog to see the awesome pictures that she took of swim lessons.  I'm not sure these two could possibly be any cuter!


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