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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mommy & Daddy's First Weekend Away

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm not sure we'll be able to leave Lilly ever again.  I don't think she gets enough attention from her caretakers while we're away.  You can judge for yourself after looking at the photos.  :-)

We all drove to Charlotte last Wednesday night after work so that Dan and I could catch the earliest possible flight to SNA in California on Thursday morning for Sheila's wedding weekend.  I was so sad to leave Lilly, but so excited about our first weekend away - and of course I knew we were leaving her in great hands.  The weekend away did not disappoint!  I'm still a little jet lagged and it's WAY past my bed time, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves about all of the fun that was had by Mommy and Daddy (apologies in advance, I somehow did not remember to take my camera so the quality is poor on quite a few of these because they're from my iPhone):

The next series of photos shows what happens when Dan gets hold of a camera...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Crowder - we were so honored and blessed to have been able to celebrate with you on your special day.  We love you both!

Lilly and Layla had loads of fun at Grandmommy & Pawpaw's house.  Lilly got to feed and talk to the chickens every morning with Pawpaw, rode in the golf cart, rode on the tractor (we still aren't sure how she managed this as Pawpaw never lets girls on the tractor), helped Aunt Syd study, updated Facebook with Grandmommy, visited with Miss Jane and played at the pool with Aunt Katy and Uncle Josh among other things.  She also had lots of visitors, including Grandma Susie and Papa a few times!  Thankfully, my family was good about sending photo updates via text and Facebook - they knew how much I was missing my girl, even though Dan and I were having a great weekend away!

Aunt Nae Nae and Aunt Katy, I am too young for beer!

Aunt Syd dressed me up like Grandmommy.

This is why we don't let Aunt Katy change diapers...

Thankfully, L did NOT start crawling while I was away...I would have fired myself if I missed it!  She is SO close, I just knew it was going to happen when I wasn't here, but secretly I'm glad it didn't.  :-)  I was so excited all day Sunday, even though we had a long travel day...I couldn't wait to see this sweet face and I could not get home fast enough!

In addition to trying to catch up on lost sleep from the weekend on top of jet lag, we were running low on baby food so we decided to make several batches each night this week.  Tonight we made sweet potatoes, butternut squash, sweet zucchini and carrots, apples with prunes, blueberry and apple, cauliflower (a new one!) and mango.  

We have quite a few more new things to make (excited for her to new try foods with more texture!) on the agenda as the week progresses, but no more tonight because I'm beat!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Stay tuned for a post on pumping and transporting breast milk while traveling sometime this week (I can hear you squealing with excitement!)!


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