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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Craft: Four Weeks (One Month!) Old

Oh  my gah, y'all.  It is already Thursday.  And by Thursday, I mean it's already March.  And I'm yet again a day late on sweet Craft's update.  Also, the nerd in me thinks it is nifty that Craft's four week birthday fell on March 5, which also happened to be the same as his one month birthday (since he was born February 5).  I assume that's has something to do with leap years, but what do I know?  Anyway, these are always lengthy as is every other thing I've ever written so let's get to it!

Weight/Length:  I have no idea on length, I'll report back after our official one-month-old doctor appointment tomorrow.  I can tell you that when I had to take the little squish to the doctor because we were sick over the weekend, he weighed 12 lbs 11 oz.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Chuuuuuunnnkkk!  Dan and I have decided that he is kind of square-shaped.  Such a sweet little squishy boy, just love him!

Sleep:  Honestly, this changes every day so I'm not sure what to report here, ha.  The most consistent thing Craft has been doing is giving me a 4 or 5-hour stretch starting around 9pm and then getting up to eat literally every 2 hours for the rest of the day (so starting around 2am) but sleeping quite a bit in between.  He has been sleeping a lot during the day (especially in the morning and then again in the late afternoon), but never for 4-5 hours at a time during the day time like Lilly was at this stage.  Today I've been working hard to keep him up for at least an hour after feedings before letting him get back to sleep, so we'll see if that changes anything tonight.  I should also mention that Craft is still sleeping in his room, but he spends part of the night in the mamaroo and part of the night in his crib.  He seems to sleep longer in the mamaroo, and I am digging that one long stretch so I'm letting it happen.  For now.  :-)  And still sleeping sans swaddle and on his side.

Feeding:  Craft has mostly been eating every 2ish hours on the dot except for that one long sleep stretch I mentioned above.  Sometimes it's a little less than two hours, sometimes a little more.  He also wants to cluster feed in the evenings and during the witching hour, but I've been trying to hold him off more and more because I've found that sometimes he doesn't actually want to eat, just suck, but he'll eat anyway and then have an upset tummy and then be difficult.  No bueno.  He will take the paci occasionally but for the most part he hates it so that's not really a good alternative for us.

As an update to our bottle drama, C still doesn't like it one bit and fights us pretty hard, but after a little screaming bloody murder coercing Dan has been able to get him to take the Comotomo for the past two nights now (forget me even trying to give him a bottle, he will not have it if I am close).  The doctor we saw on Sunday for C's sick visit said that we need to keep trying every day because the longer C goes refusing the bottle, the harder it is going to be to get him to take it, and that's not good for anyone.  He also said that if C gets hungry enough, he'll take it, so not to feel bad about letting him cry a little bit (easier said than done for sure).  With that said, we're still trying to get him to take a small bottle (I have been giving him a half an ounce or an ounce - just enough to get him used to it but not enough so that I'll have to pump because I'm lazy) once/day.  I've had several people recommend the Lansinoh mOmma bottle so I ordered one of those and we'll try it tonight.  Fingers crossed he'll get the hang of it by next week, when he's staying with a sitter for the first time!

Firsts This Week:  First sick visit to the doctor due to first illness (stomach bug, ugh!).  Sad panda.  Luckily everyone is feeling better, though!

Developments:  Craft seems to just be honing the skills he's been working on for the past month.  He's still working on that head control and getting stronger seemingly by the day.  He lifts it all the way up off of the ground during tummy time!  He finds his hands/fingers often and sucks on them - it remains to be seen whether I'll have another thumb sucker. 

Found that thumb again! 
He is awake for longer periods of time and will make eye contact.  He seems to be trying to figure out what the purpose of is tongue is, he makes the silliest faces!  

Silly face.  Probably pooping.
Whether accidental or not, C is also batting the toys on his play mat quite a bit, and tries to roll onto his side from his back.

Likes:  More of the same here: sleeping. eating. having a clean diaper.  bath, particularly hair washing. piano play mat.  bouncy seat. swing. mamaroo. pooping. changing activities frequently so he isn't bored. being outside (the one day this week when the weather was nice). watching big sister do her thing. watching layla. watching the action in general. snuggling. music.  and more eating.

Dislikes:  Again, more of the same: cold. hungry. hiccups. burping (seriously if you can get this kid to burp in less than 23984723894 minutes I'd like to know how). I'll leave off "the process of diaper changing" this week because he actually doesn't seem to mind it...unless he's hungry.

What I'm Thankful For:  My parents!  They were real life savers over the weekend when C and I were sick.  I got some sort of vomiting stomach thing on Saturday and was miserable.  I assumed it was something I ate, because I literally had no other symptoms.  Mom and Dad were in town for a visit, and Dan and Lilly left on Saturday to go to Concord for my niece's birthday party (they spent the night).  Mom and Dad took care of Craft for me so that I could sleep - I would wake up to feed him and then go back upstairs to sleep until the next feeding - and it was so nice to try to take care of myself and not worry that I was neglecting the poor babe.  I was hoping it would prevent C from getting sick - unfortunately we weren't so lucky there - but I honestly don't know what I would have done if Mom and Dad hadn't been here, especially since Dan and Lilly were gone!  I am also so, SO thankful that Mom doesn't appear to have gotten what I had.  We don't need any delays in chemo!  And finally, I'm thankful for our pediatrician's office for being wonderful in general and also for having weekend sick hours so that Craft could be seen on Sunday.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  My "little brother" Jason is marrying Rebecca next weekend, and we're so excited to make the trip to Charlotte!  Craft will get to meet a lot of family and friends, so that will also be fun.  AND the glorious weather we are supposed to have this weekend and into next week.  Bring on spring!  Peace out winter weather, snow and ice!

Next Pediatrician Appointment:  Tomorrow morning - Friday, March 7 at 9:55a.  Can't wait for the report card!

How Mommy's Doing:  Pretty good!  Within 2 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight, which made me feel good until I tried to squeeze into some pre-pregnancy jeans.  I must be a glutton for punishment because I just read that I did the same thing around this time after L was born as well.  There were lots of curse words.  And tears.  And I'll be sticking with maternity jeans until I can get to the store to buy some fat jeans.  Ha!  There have still been some moments where I've felt overwhelmed this week, but I seem to be having less of them - I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things a little bit.  I've had a TON of help from Dan, whom I cannot say enough nice things about during this whole process.  My next goal is to try to cook dinner a few nights a week.  Baby steps!

Without further ado, photos from the past week:

Big sis L asked baby bro C if he wanted to play "Memory" with her and she even gave him her favorite card!

Loves a bath!

Morning snuggles.  Love this pic.

Sweet dreamin'
I just love this outfit!

Mimi and her babies

And here are some photos I snapped with my iPhone of C wearing his "one month" onesie, courtesy of Mae Mae (thank you!!!):

As you can see, the photo shoot did not amuse him for long.  I'll be back tomorrow if I get a few minutes with an update from the doctor.  Booooo shots!



  1. Oh my goodness, he is the cutest little chunk I've ever seen. Such great expressons! And that hair! I die. I cannot wait to have a baby in the house again! This makes me so excited (although very tired for you).

    1. Tired for sure, I think I must have blocked out Lilly's infant stage in its entirety because I don't remember being so tired the first time around! Granted, I didn't also have a two-year-old to chase the first time around, so maybe that's why. He's worth it, though! And I die a little over his hair, too. :-) Can't wait to see your little one, AND the nursery!!!


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