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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Prince Danny!

Blog posts two days in a row, what?!  Today was a very special day, friends: my baby daddy's birthday!  

31, so old.  :-)  I had grand plans to cook him dinner and make him a birthday cake, but of course the day did not go as planned, which I've found happens more often than not with a new baby!  Dan had an early meeting this morning and was out the door before the kids and I were even out of bed.  The rest of us celebrated by taking a trip to the doctor, UGH.  Just a cold for Lilly, which is what I suspected but her cough sounds absolutely horrible and I think that she's passed this nastiness along to baby brother so I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything worse.  The doctor said he thinks we're over the worst of it and answered questions about what to do for Craft should he come down with it, too.  Poor babies.

The detour to the doctor derailed my plans of going to the store and running a few errands (thank God I picked up a gift while I was out yesterday because I surely wouldn't have had time today), and I knew by the time I got home, fed Craft and did a few things around the house I'd have to choose whether to cook dinner or bake a cake.  In the end, I chose the cake - not just because clearly that's more important, but because I've made Dan the same cake every year for his birthday since we've been together: chocolate chip poundcake (Susie's recipe!) and I would have felt like the worst wife ever if I'd broken the streak.  As for dinner, Dan swung by and picked up pizza on his way home.  I've been feeling like a bad wife since I didn't cook for him, but he didn't seem to mind.  I redeemed myself with the cake, although apparently I did not properly grease both sides of the pan because half of it stayed in there, whoops.

Looks like @$$ but tastes delicious!!!
Carney took Lilly to the Dollar Store today to let her pick out some presents for Dan and Papa (whose birthday was yesterday - Happy belated, Papa!).  Thank God for Carney, seriously - we are so lucky.  They also picked up a birthday crown for Lilly to decorate.  She had a blast!

The birthday crown (and C with the photobomb)
I laughed out loud when they came home and I saw what Lilly had chosen for Dan.

Testing out one of Daddy's dollar store gifts
Carney said that Lilly picked out the football and the mustache straws all on her own, but she helped with the rest.  Does L know her Daddy, or what?  

We also made a special art project for Dan's office which I'm pretty proud of.  He's mentioned quite a few times that he wants a map of North Carolina to hang on his wall.  Anyone who has ever met my husband will understand why I would never in a million years pick that out for him, but I had an idea of how to incorporate it into his birthday gift.  Lilly made a painting (with our state colors, red and blue, even though she pitched a fit because she only wanted to paint with PINK...her mother's child for sure) and then I cut the shape of the state of NC out of her painting and framed it.  I love the way it turned out, and Dan said this was actually his favorite gift.

We had a pizza picnic in the living room together and really just had a wonderfully low-key evening.  I prayed that both kids would behave for the evening and by some miracle of God it happened, and I am so thankful.  

Big sister is the funniest!

I take back what I said before - the good behavior is probably actually the best gift of the day and the framed state probably comes in second.  I wonder if Dan now understands why his Dad requests well-behaved children every year for his birthday?  :-)  

All of the celebrating wore C slap out.
Dan, we are so thankful you were born!  You are the best friend, the best husband, and the best Daddy and we don't know what we'd do without you.  We hope you had a wonderful birthday, and we can't wait to celebrate many more.  

Happy birthday, we love you!


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