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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is my life.

I'm gonna keep it real for y'all, cause that's how I roll.  The following photo pretty much sums up my evening.  

Wine + Lucky Charms at almost 10pm is surely the dinner of champions.  I had big plans for a blog post to showcase Craft's beautiful newborn photos courtesy of Stephanie, but I decided to save that post for a night when my children haven't sucked the life out of me I have a little more energy.

Dan had a work dinner tonight but came home for about an hour to see if I needed a break.  Thank the Lord for that man.  I apparently ate something that Craft hated, because he started exercising his vocal cords (read: screaming) on and off starting around 4:30 pm.  I know it was his tummy because he's been super gassy and straining to try to poop all day, but the upset stomach + witching hour(s) is enough to drive anyone to drink.  He gave us a break from the evening fussiness for a few nights and it was glorious, so I guess we were due.  He wasn't fussy the whole time, but a good portion of my evening was spent attempting to calm him down. 

Anyway, Dan took over for me with C for a few minutes and I used that time to give Lilly a really early bath because I had a feeling it might be a long evening/night with the baby.  The early bath was key, because then L ate dinner and I let her watch Elmo for about an hour while I tended to her brother before it was time for her to go to bed.  I got lucky and Craft also wore himself out and took about a 45-minute nap during that time - I was hoping he'd sleep until after I put L to bed, but I am not that lucky.  Per the usual, C hit the peak of his fussiness and screamed throughout Lilly's entire bedtime routine, and I ended up having to stick him in his room (still screaming - mother of the year here) for a bit so that I could finish with her in peace.  I have never seen him work himself up as much as he did during that 10 minutes, I swear...when I went to get him he was all sweaty from the effort.  

Thankfully, Lilly was really tired and therefore did not fight me on bed time tonight.  After I got her down, I brought Craft downstairs for his bath.  He gave me another short reprieve from the fussiness during bath (his favorite time of day!) but did not waste any time starting back up again as soon as I took him out.  I could tell he was exhausted, so I went ahead and swaddled him in the miracle blanket and spent the next 1.5 hours trying to get him to go to sleep.  And by "trying to get him to go to sleep" I mean bouncing on Lilly's trampoline that she got from Santa for Christmas while holding him and shh-ing various Christmas carols to him.  True story.  He would be all but asleep, and I'd take him upstairs and the minute I put him down those little eyes would pop open wide and he'd grin at me for a few seconds before erupting into screams.  It was a fun game (for him).  I finally got him down around 9:30 and then had to clean up several rooms to try to get ready for my house to be cleaned tomorrow before I finally sat down to eat.

Lucky charms are delicious.  Wine is more delicious.  The moral of this story is that while not every night is easy, I can do it and am getting the hang of juggling these two little babes o'mine.  Of course they are worth it, but that doesn't mean that I don't often sometimes need a bottle glass of wine after they're both finally in bed.  I'm not far behind them, because based on how the past few nights have gone, I'm sure I don't have long before Craft will decide he's ready to eat.  Literally as I typed that last sentence he started to stir, am I a psychic or what?!

Happy hump day!



  1. I am simultaneously intrigued and horrified by these stories of new moms to two babies. I love hearing them because I want to be prepared, but I know they are going to be so hard and they just scare me a little bit. Oh well, too late now! :) Bring on #2!

    1. I guess I should publicly shame C on the blog more often, because he slept like a freaking champion last night. I felt like a new person today! I will not lie and tell you that it is easy - it is definitely a lot of work, and my biggest surprise has been that I feel overwhelmed a majority of the time. I think that I just need to survive until C gets a little older - once he is old enough to sleep and get into a routine I think things will be the best ever. You'll do great, I know it, we just do what we have to do and call it a day!


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