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Monday, May 19, 2014

Makeover Monday

Howdy, friends.  Just wanted to hop on real quick like and RAVE about my blog's new look.  You likey?  I LOVEY.  My friend Quinn created this fantastic new design and I could not be happier with it.  Quinn has two of the prettiest and most darling little girls you will ever lay eyes on.  She also happens to be Carney's sister.  Carney, Quinn and the girls have pretty frequent play dates and my Lillian and Quinn's Ellington have become fast friends.  So, hop on over to Quinn's blog and check her out because she's amazing.  

Our weekend was pretty low-key, and I sadly don't really have any photos of our happenings.  Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary.  My mother- and father-in-law were nice enough to volunteer to come into town to watch the kiddies so that Dan and I could have an evening out.  We ate dinner at Mandolin and then tried a new dessert spot, Bittersweet.  Both were delicious and did not disappoint (and Bittersweet was also very trendy, it almost made me feel young again HA!).  We also used Uber so that neither of us had to drive = double score. We'd used the service before in NY, DC, ATL, etc. but it's new to Raleigh.  Definitely sign up if you haven't checked it out!

On Saturday, we packed up the kiddies and headed downtown to spend the morning at artsplosure, which is always a lot of fun.  My in-laws hit the road at nap time and we spent the rest of the day picking up and getting a few things done around the house.  The weather was glorious, so Saturday night after the kids were in bed, Dan set the hammock up in the back yard and we cozied up under blankets with wine and caught up on some TV on the iPad.  

We finished out the weekend by getting ready for the week.  On Sunday, we picked up around the house, did some laundry and a little reorganizing in the play room (my youngest sister, Syd, moved in yesterday and is staying for the summer to take classes at Wake Tech and help Carney with the kids until our nanny share ends in July), went to the farmer's market, grocery store, etc. and just took it easy.

Like I said, it was a low-key weekend but it was a good one!  I really enjoyed spending the weekend at home.  Reality is starting to set in because I realized today that I return to work in exactly two weeks.  It has been a wonderful (and long, thankfully!) maternity leave, and I'm having a hard time coping with the fact that it's ending in two short weeks.  More on that later.

Hope your weekend was great, too!  Don't forget to check Quinn out and tell her what a great job she did on my re-design.  Thanks a million, Quinn, you are amazing!


  1. We were at Artplosure too on Saturday. I'm surprised we didn't bump into each other, although we may have shown up much later than y'all. I'm sure Raleigh will have plenty of festivals this summer where we can bump into each other and let the kiddos play.

    1. We went pretty early and didn't stay for too awfully long, Lilly woke up early and needed a nap in the worst way. We for sure have to get together this summer, you know we will be at all of the Food Truck Rodeos! :-)


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