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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Craft's Newborn Photos

Y'all.  I am kind of embarrassed that I am just now getting around to posting these considering little man will be four months old in two weeks.  I am also embarrassed to admit that I just now mailed his birth announcements (today).  It took me weeks to find the time to get them all addressed, and I finally stayed up late one night last week to finish and then it took me almost another week to mail them.  Whoopsie.  I'll post what they looked like for all to see in a few days after they've all had the chance to be delivered.  I'm sure you'll all be waiting with baited breath.  :-)

You may remember that my bestie Steph came to the hospital to snap some photos of C and me and luckily was there to witness Lills and Craft's first meeting.  I will cherish those photos forever and can't even look at them without getting weepy.  As if those photos aren't beautiful and unforgettable enough, she was also sweet enough to come to the house when Craft was a few days old (coincidentally also when she was about to pop pregnant with sweet Stephen) to take C's newborn pics as well.  I am not sure I can adequately put into words how proud I am of her and her business and the beautiful photos she takes.  She has captured more memories for me than I can count, and I'm so grateful.  IF (and that's a big one, and probably highly unlikely) there is another Baum baby, I've made her promise she'll be in the delivery room with me.  Anyway, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites because they're all stunning, so I'll quit yapping and get to the photos.  And as usual, if you're in or around Raleigh, PLEASE check her out.  She's amaze!

We decided to start with the family photos because Lilly had just eaten and we were hoping she'd be happy and cooperative.  Aside from L doing her "cheeeeeeeeeese" face instead of a real smile, it went really well and with lots of bribery (m&m's, of course) Steph was able to get some really cute shots.


Melt even more.

I think Craft looks so hilarious here.  He looks like he's thinking about pooping on his sister, or maybe he's planning the two poopsplosions he will have on Steph's props (sorry bestie!).

I'm really happy with the way the family pics turned out, I didn't think there was any way we'd be able to get any where everyone was looking and had somewhat normal expressions!

Big Sis stealing the show!
After Lilly was sufficiently sugared up as a reward for her cooperation, we headed back downstairs to get some photos of Craft by himself.  It's funny to look back and remember how. much. HAIR. this kid had.  He still has a lot now but gosh he had a ton when he was born.  So sweet!

We discovered, much to my dismay, that I didn't have any ASU hats that would fit C's big noggin.  Luckily, Steph came to the rescue.

Funny story: when I was pregnant with Lilly and we took our trip to Chicago, we went to a Cubs game.  I asked for nachos, and Dan brought them to me in this helmet.  Seriously, it was filled to the brim with nachos.  And we (mostly me, if we're being honest) ate every last one.  :-)

I'll eat you up, I love you so.  Maybe one of my favorite pictures.
So, friends, thanks for looking at pics of my cuuuuuute baby.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do (not possible I can assure you).  :-)

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  1. LOVE! The one below the App hat = my favorite! And that little smirk at the end is adorable! Fantastic family pic too! Ellington saw this and wants to know why Craft is in a basket. LOL


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