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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Did ya think I'd left, never to return again?!  Luckily for you, I have to hang around at least until Friday to announce the winner of the Goosewaddle giveaway (so go enter if you haven't already!).  This has been a crazy week already!

Mother's Day weekend 2014 was fun- and family-filled, not to mention busy.  It flew by - I felt like I blinked and a week has passed.  We headed to Charlotte on Friday midday, and we made a pit stop in Greensboro to see Uncle Frankie graduate.

Lilly was so excited.  The ceremony was pretty small, and when Uncle Frankie walked across the stage she stood up on my legs and squealed, and right as the applause died down she started clapping her hands and saying, "YAY UNCLE FRANKIE!"  It was super cute.  Craft got some sweet snuggles, too!

After the graduation ceremony and a quick celebratory drink, we headed to my parents' house to spend the night.  Saturday morning, we headed to Concord for the rest of the day for my nephew's first communion.  There were three neighborhood friends who celebrated first communion on Saturday, so their parents all got together and rented out the club house and got a DJ.  Lilly had a BLAST. I am too lazy to upload the videos of her dancing tonight (unfortunately for her, she appears to have gotten her Mama's dance moves), so random pictures of my two kids at the party will have to suffice for now.

Lilly latched on to a baby doll that she found in Erica's room and danced with her all night long!  I think she was "changing the baby's diaper" here.

This girl is getting way too good at duck lips.  I asked her if she wanted to take a selfie and this is what she did, without prompting!  I'm gonna have my hands full, I think.

Again, Craft got some special attention from Grandma and Papa, and he loved watching all of the dancing!

Lilly had a BLAST at the party.  In fact, she has asked to "go to the dance party" every day since Saturday.  Needless to say, everyone slept well on Saturday night!

We didn't make a huge fuss on Mother's Day.  Since we attended mass on Saturday and were out late with the kids on Saturday night, we let them sleep in and just took it easy on Sunday morning.

 We also went uptown and met Dan's family for a Mother's Day lunch.

After lunch, Dan and Lilly headed home to Raleigh and Craft and I stuck around Charlotte for a few more days.  My Mom's lumpectomy was scheduled for Monday morning, so we wanted to be with her and help out around the house.  I sure did  miss them, but Dan sent me lots of pictures of all of the fun he and Lilly were having at home.

Like i said, the weekend was busy and family-filled but we had fun!  Mom's surgery went really well on Monday.  The doctors said there were no surprises and they were very pleased.  We are so thankful for all of the thoughts, prayers, and messages and I know Mom is happy to have this part of her journey behind her!

Team JJ
Poor Layla suffered multiple foot injuries in the form of torn paw pads while we were visiting Mimi and Paw Paw's.  Doesn't she look pitiful in this pic?  Not to worry, she appears to be on the mend.
Craft and I headed back to Raleigh on Tuesday morning and have spent the past two days getting back into our routine.  We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather.

We played dress up with Lilly, who put on this "dress" (read: skirt) and informed me that she was ready to go to the dance party.  This kid is hilarious, I tell you!

C got some new moccs today and he is REAL excited about it.  If I were a follower of the Baum squad blog, I might want to stay tuned in the coming weeks.  Hint hint, wink wink. :-) 
Session started this week, which means I will be husband-less for the majority of the week for the next couple of months.  It also means that I will subsist on PB&J sandwiches or cereal for dinner, ha!  Anyway, I digress.  I've been putting L and C in the bath together and they both have a blast!  Craft LOVES his big sister and laughs out loud at her, and she is very sweet with him and wants to help bathe him.  Have I mentioned how much I love these two?!

Mimi got Lilly a new swimsuit cover-up, which Lilly insisted on wearing to bed because she thinks it is a nightgown.  What can I say?  She's 2, I wasn't about to argue.

So, now you're all caught up on our happenings!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Stay tuned!  I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine and a book (nerd alert!).



  1. So cute! I'm sure a visit by that little chunky monkey made your mom feel so much better coming out of surgery.

    PS. Ellington has been demanding a playroom just like Lilly's and has told me at least 12 times that Lilly wants her to come over to play dress up.LOL

    1. This made me laugh out loud! She is SO funny. You tell sweet Ellington that she can come play dress up with Lilly ANY time, Lilly has been asking for her to come back!


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