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Monday, June 2, 2014

We All Survived!

Welp, day 1 of back-to-work is under my belt and I must say that it went much better than anticipated.  My little stinker woke up in a fantastic mood and giggled at me while I finished getting ready this morning.

I managed to make it out of the house only 12 minutes later than I wanted to, which is an accomplishment in itself.  I also managed to make it to the car before I cried!  Unfortunately, Lills wasn't awake when I left so I didn't get to see her before work, which I was sad about.  It was an emotional morning, but my day was pretty busy and it flew by, which was good.  It sounds like Craft got off to a rough start but made up for it this afternoon with a nice long nap.  I think it's just going to take everyone a little time to get used to each other and to get used to our new routine.  Auntie Syd sent me some cute pics so I knew he was okay!

I was SO happy to see my babies when I got home.

We did have a weird "thing" tonight, though, in that Craft wouldn't nurse!  I have an app that Carney also has and it syncs during the day so that I can see when he's eating, sleeping, etc.  I pumped three times at work because he ate three times while I was gone.  My last pump was around 4:30 pm (he ate at 4p), so we were on track for him to eat around 8pm right before I put him down for bed.  He got hungry a little before 8, so I took him upstairs to nurse him, and…wait for it…he wouldn't nurse!!!  The total opposite of the problem we were having before when he refused a bottle.  He was a little fussy and then burped so I thought it was a gas bubble but he still wouldn't nurse after the burp…he would latch for literally 2-3 seconds and then pull away and talk and laugh (which was super cute but also real annoying).  He was SO happy (and sweet and snuggly, melt!) but I didn't want to chance him being up all night due to starvation so I heated a 2-oz bottle, which he sucked down so I heated 3 more, which he also sucked down.  Sigh.  Surely one day of nothing but bottles wasn't enough to make him decide he doesn't want to nurse anymore, right?!  I pumped three times to try to keep up with what he's eating while I'm gone, but maybe I need to only pump twice to make sure I have enough and then pump after he goes to bed?  I'm not sure but I did not like it one bit.

Anyway, thanks for all of your sweet calls, texts, messages, etc.  They meant the world to me and made my day a whole lot better!  Day 2 tomorrow, hopefully it will only get easier as the days pass.  I'm off to wash bottles before crashing…have I mentioned I hate pumping?!


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