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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When Mama Comes Home Tonight

Every time we see my mother-in-law, she has a new book for the kids.  It's a wonderful gesture because Lilly loves books (I hope that Craft will, too!) and she  always finds new books that I've never read before.  When Lilly was still an only child, shortly after I went back to work Susan bought Lilly the book When Mama Comes Home Tonight because she said it reminded her of Lilly and me.

"When Mama comes home from work,
dear child,  
when Mama comes home tonight, 
she'll cover you with kisses, 
she'll hug you sweet and tight."

This book, y'all.  It is one of Lilly's favorites (mommy's too!), and it is the sweetest.  If I wasn't pretty sure I'd get in a lot of trouble for some kind of copyright infringement I'd post the words of the book in their entirety, but trust me when I say that you should check it out.  Lilly and I have read it at least once a day for the past week and a half or so in preparation for my return to work.  I figured she'd be "over it" this week since I went back, but she's still asked me to read it every night.  

As suspected, day 2 was a tiny bit better and easier than day 1 (both for me and the kids, thankfully, per reports from Aunt Syd and Carney!).  We have by no means perfected our routine yet, but we'll get there very soon and it will be glorious.  The best part of both days so far has been walking in the door to discover that both of my babies are ecstatic to see me, and sweet little Lilly rushing up to me and saying, "Hi mommy, how was your work today?"  I just love them both so much my heart could burst!

I found a never-used pea pod on Craigslist for a steal because I thought it would be good to use at the pool for C.  Apparently both kids love it!
I have an exciting giveaway planned for the end of the week, so stay tuned!  :-)

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