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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

22 Week Update

A day late, but whatevs, I'm on California time.  :-)  Today, I am 22 weeks, 1 day.  So crazy.  I am going to attempt to make this one quick because we have big plans for the day - Dan got an e-mail yesterday confirming that we have guaranteed admission to THE PRICE IS RIGHT!  We are SO excited!  You read correctly, we are going to be in the audience.  Here's to hoping one of us gets picked to play and the prize is a crib.  :-)  Anyway we are trying to head out early today so we can do a little bit of sight seeing in LA before we go to the show.  Wahoo!  So without further ado, here are the 22 week stats:

Size of Geronimina: A papaya!  Or a spaghetti squash, depending on which website you look at.  Weird that she went from a banana last week to a papaya this week.  She is settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day.  I personally do not believe this as she moves ALL the time, but if the experts say so!  She also ways almost 1 pound now, she's starting to look like a little person: her eyelids, eyebrows and lips are becoming more distinct and she's developing tiny tooh buds beneath her gums.  her eyes have formed, but her irises still lack pigment (Dan really wants them to be blue like his instead of "poop brown" like mine). 
Weight Gain So Far: When I weighed in at the doctor on Friday, I was (sharp intake of breath) around +8.5.  Still haven't hit the double digits, whew.  I know I'm supposed to gain weight, but I still don't like it!  It's hard to change your mentality after years of trying to lose it!  The doctor said that at this stage in pregnancy, it is normal to have gained between 12-16 pounds, so I'm under that but he said he isn't worried in the slightest.  I measured right on track, baby's heartbeat was beautiful as usual, and he said Mommy and Baby both appear to be very healthy!
Cravings: Sweets - anything chocolate preferably.  Still loving on some pizza and pasta, too.

Aversions: Nada!
Symptoms: If you followed along in yeseterday's post, you will know that I experienced some swelling for the first time and I HATED it.  Fittingly, my "What to Expect" e-mail today was about  swollen feet and ankles (ugh).  Go away cankles!  In more scary news, that same e-mail said that my feet may grow and not shrink back after birth.  I HOPE that does not happen.  Can you imagine Dan's face if I inform him that I have to start all over on my shoe collection?  ;-)
Movement:  ALL the time - and Dan finally got to feel it!  He was so excited and sweet.  Last night she was going nuts when I was laying in bed, and we could actually see it - it was the craziest/neatest thing ever.  Dan and I and Sheila were all just staring at my stomach. 
What I Miss: Since I am in Cali and the weather is gorgeous and we took a cool boat ride the other day, I missed having a cocktail with everyone.  All for a good reason, I know!

Things I am Thankful For: Sheila & Casey's hospitality.   California.  The prizes we will win today on the Price is Right.  ;-)
What I’m looking Forward To: WINNING THE PRICE IS RIGHT!  Can you tell I'm excited?!  Also Chris & Andrea's arrival on Thursday.
Signs of a Bump: Of course - it gets bigger and bigger by the day - but I unfortunately do not have time to show you right now.  I will try to remember to post a pic tonight or tomorrow, but currently Dan is rushing me.
Next Doctor Appointment:  End of the month!  Just a normal check up, then comes the dreaded glucose test and then I have to start going every 2 weeks.  Oy!  Can't believe it's already mid-October almost.
That's all for today, folks - gotta go get ready to win some ish.  hope everyone's having a fabulous week!

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