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Monday, October 24, 2011

24 Week Update

I can't believe it's already time for another update...the weeks are flying by!  We are making progress on our "to do" list, but I still go back and forth between wanting the time to fly and wishing it would slow down.  Of course I'm excited to meet our baby girl, but we also still have a LOT to do!  I have a case of the Mondays so I'm going to try to keep it short.  Without further ado, I give you week 24 stats:

Size of Geronimina: Still growing!  She weighs just over a pound this week, and is almost a foot long - roughly the length of an ear of corn.  An ear of corn is living in my belly!  Lots going on this week in the way of development: she's steadily gaining weight (Don't get too big baby girl, Mommy's lady parts hurt just thinking about your arrival!  Side note: please do not read this and judge me, of course I want her to be healthy. I'm just saying, the thought of pushing is already giving me anxiety.).  Her brain is growing quickly, her taste buds are continuing to develop, and her lungs are branching out.  Also, her skin is starting to thicken a little so that she's not so see-through.

Weight Gain So Far: I am not sure about this one.  I weighed over the weekend and it was less than it was the last time I weighed, so I'm wondering if something's wrong with the scale.  Frankly I have been afraid to step back on it these days to investigate whether there's a problem, so we'll stick with last week's 10.5.  :-)

Cravings: Still sweets, but this week I am craving salty as well.  I am putting off buying Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters until the last minute because I don't trust myself in the same house with it - there is not currently enough chocolate in the world to satisfy my cravings.  As for salty, I have been digging cheezits (only the BIG ones, of course - trust me, they're better) and popcorn.

Aversions:  None!  Unless you count the terrible gas Layla had last night.  Shoo, Layla!

Symptoms: Same old story here.  I have noticed that I have gotten a LOT hungrier in the past week, if that is possible - not sure that counts as a symptom.  Congestion when I first wake up, random hair growth, fatigue, breakouts - you know, the usual.  One that isn't really "new" but I don't think I've blogged about it before because it has only gotten noticeable/painful recently is a cramping sensation - apparently this happens when you're uterus is growing and stretching out.  Oh and HEARTBURN.  Can't remember whether I put that last week, but I swear I get it from everything.  They say this means she'll have a full head of hair when she makes her debut.

Movement:  Still a dancing queen, our Geronimina, but moreso when I'm still.  I guess when I'm moving it rocks her to sleep, but the second I sit down or lay down to go to sleep she is wide awake.  Let's hope she reverses this habit when she makes her entrance.  :-)

What I Miss: Can't really think of anything to put here this week, just enjoying the pregnancy.

Things I am Thankful For: The weekend at home to get some things accomplished!  I was of course sad to miss ASU Homecoming and Heather & David's couples shower for their baby boy (coming SOON!), but we made a lot of progress this weekend in marking things off our "to do" list.

What I’m looking Forward To:  Registering in the upcoming weekend!  I'm really excited about it - whether I should be worried based on past registering experiences with my  husband remains to be seen.  We have been doing a ton of research (Don't even say it, I know it's dorky), and I asked for a list of suggested items when we were in BBB last week getting our furniture.  In addition to that, I have been printing out suggested items lists from all over the online as well as asking for advice from all of my girlfriends who already have kids, so I think we have a good idea of what we want, which I'm hoping will make the process go pretty smoothly.

Signs of a Bump: Yup.  Here she is:
No denying it now for sure!  We got an iPad over the weekend, and Steph turned me on to this super groovy Pampers app which shows you the actual size of the baby!  I ganked her idea and tried to take a picture of it in front of my stomach so you could see, but our phones and the lighting weren't cooperating.  Here it is, but be warned that it is not a great picture:
I'll try to get the flash situation fixed before the next update.

Next Doctor Appointment: Next Friday, November 4.  Just a check up, and I'm actually not even meeting with a doctor - just the nurse practitioner.  I need to go ahead and take my forms in for work and have them filled out, so that is exciting/scary.

I guess that just about wraps it up!  Time to fall asleep on the couch watch football with my husband.

Until tomorrow!


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