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Monday, October 17, 2011

23 Weeks!

Hellooooooooooooo blog world!  Did ya miss me?  I am back from my vacation/blogging hiatus (even though I actually did blog last week, just less than normal), which means that we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I have lots to talk about this week, but for now I am still jet lagged and exhausted so I'll give you a quick 23-week update.

Size of Geronimina: Weighing in at approximately just over one pound, Baby B is around the size of a large mango.  This week, blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing and her ears are adjusting to loud noises outside of the womb, like the dog barking.  Additionally, her sense of movement is well developed (more on that in a few).

Weight Gain So Far: Oy, I am scared to look at the scale after California.  I feel 100% sure I am into the double digits now.  I tried weighing myself this morning at it said 10.5 gained, but I didn't like that so I'm pleading ignorance for now.  :-)
Cravings: Sweets, sweets and more sweets.  Most recently, Oreos and Starbursts - but only the pink & red ones.  Yum.

Aversions: Do terrible smells count?  Someone had SEVERE intestinal distress on our plane ride home from California (Dan has promised me it wasn't him) and I really thought I was going to vomit.
Symptoms: Nothing really new this week - my cankles from the plane ride home have yet to subside, so I'm a little grossed out by that and hope it isn't permanent.  I can't remember if I already added nose bleeds but I experienced a few minor ones last week - which could be either pregnancy-related or a direct result of the dryness of the desert.
Movement: TONS.  I tried to take a video for you all, but I can't upload it for some reason - it is too big to e-mail from my phone and I can't currently find my cord that connects it to the computer.  She goes crazy in there, and you can actually see it now.  Sheila and Dan got to see it one night on vacation, and they were so excited.  Also, speaking of Dan, we discovered that it officially isn't just him who can't feel it.  It feels like she is beating me up in there sometimes but no one else can, now Dan doesn't feel as bad.
What I Miss:  Can't think of anything I miss this week!  I missed Diet Coke today but that's only because I was still on California time.
Things I am Thankful For:  Great friends.  California.  Vacation.  The State Fair, which Dan shall take me to this weekend (pretty please?).  Neighbors who have become great friends and get our mail for us.  Surprise packages.
What I’m looking Forward To:  Registering, nesting, and starting on the nursery soon!  Also Steph's shower in a few weeks - I addressed invitations tonight and got excited all over again.  And the classes we signed up for at the hospital (dorky, I know) - we finally got our schedule today in the mail so I'm excited for those.
Signs of a Bump: Ohhhhhhh yes. Meagan, Bo and Fender came over for a visit tonight and she was like holy cow look at the belly!  I swear it feels like it's getting bigger by the day:
Emily, if you're reading - recognize the shirt?  L O V E.  I didn't wait long, thank you so much!
Next Doctor Appointment:  Friday, November 4.  Still a ways away, so hopefully I can manage not to do much more weight damage - I feel like all I did on vacay was eat!  My sister-in-law, Andrea, was saying how she just wanted a salad - I feel like I should be saying the same thing for sure.
That's all for tonight - it's off to bed for me!  Andddd just a friendly plea request, if you haven't voted yet, would you mind doing so (just click on the word "voted" for the direct link and "like" the album)?  I am currently getting my tail kicked by another girl, but I'm hoping all of you can help me gain some ground.
Hope you all had a great Monday!

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