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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roly Poly

LG has conquered a pretty big milestone as of late: she can now roll over.  And she rolls over a LOT, and with great speed.  A few weeks back, I mentioned that she rolled, but until this past weekend I hadn't seen her do it since the first time.  She has done it quite  few times for Carney, but never for me.  And even when she rolled for Dan and I that first time, it was a long process - she camped out on her side for the longest time, then got everything over except one arm, then finally figured the arm out and by that time was bored with the whole ordeal and demanded to be introduced to a new and less boring activity.  Carney kept telling me that L had gotten the hang of it, but she never showed us.  This past weekend, she really got the hang of it, and now she is a rolling machine!  I caught it on video for your viewing pleasure:  

The problem we were having, at least up until today, is that Lilly couldn't figure out how to roll back onto her back after getting to her stomach.  Guess what that means?  It means that for the past few nights, she's rolled over in her sleep and then gotten mad and woken us up to fix it for her.  The first night this happened (Monday), we just flipped her back on her back and let her fuss for a few minutes (read: less than five) until she fell back to sleep.  I have been wondering if she'd be a stomach sleeper once she learned to roll, mainly because prior to rolling she would roll up onto her side a lot, and she likes to sleep that way.  After that first night, I got to thinking that probably she should learn to roll back over on her own, so on Tuesday night when she woke up on her stomach and mad, I let her fuss for a while until eventually she fell back asleep on her stomach.  Then I didn't sleep for checking the monitor every 30 seconds to make sure she hadn't suffocated while sleeping that way.  Sigh. The life of a worry wart.  

Lilly hasn't woken up overnight since Tuesday night, but for the past two mornings she has woken up at 6 am (way earlier than normal) on her stomach and mad.  Even though it's much earlier than she typically wakes up, at that point I feel like I can't let her "cry it out" anymore because it's morning and really by 6 a.m. it's been 11+ hours since she's eaten.  So, I've gotten up, fed her, and within 15 minutes she's back asleep and stays that way until we wake her up sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 like usual.  

Today when I picked her up, Carney told me that if she previously didn't know how to roll from stomach to back, she does now, because she saw L do it today.  Tonight, Lilly demonstrated to me that she does, indeed, know how (although I wasn't quick enough to catch it on video for you, sorry bout it!).  Here's to hoping that she puts that knowledge to use and rolls herself back over so Mommy and Daddy can sleep past 6 tomorrow.  :-)

Happy Thursday!


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