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Monday, June 4, 2012


Last night we reached a very important milestone: Lilly tried solids for the first time!  It went a little something like this:

As you can see, Lilly did not love the rice cereal at first.  We gave it to her after she nursed, because at this stage you only use solids as a supplement, not to replace a meal/breast feeding session.  Also, I read that if you try to feed babies rice cereal prior to their bottle, you typically can't spoon it into their mouths fast enough for their liking (or at least as fast as they're used to getting milk via bottle or breast), so they get frustrated.  Due to the fact that we tried it after she nursed, she didn't eat very much rice cereal - maybe only 4-5 bites. At first, she wasn't really even opening her mouth, but by the last couple of bites she had the hang of it.  We chose to do this after her last feeding of the day but before bath and bed time, so that we could clean up the mess it made and also in hopes that it would tide her over since she's been waking up some due to quitting the swaddle cold turkey/sleep training.  We made it with breast milk according to the instructions on the box, but it was still SO runny that it was pretty much like feeding L liquid using a spoon.  I'm not sure I blame her for all of the funny faces, because it smelled gross.  :-)

I took a video to document this momentous occasion and for your viewing pleasure.  I was only able to get the first couple of bites because I have over 1,000 photos and videos of Lilly and Layla stored on my phone and so I ran out of storage space and couldn't capture her entire meal.  Either way, the video is pretty hilarious:

We tried there whole ordeal again tonight and it went much more smoothly.  She still made a face every time I put it in her mouth, but it didn't stop her from eating it...she's gotta keep the chunk in her thigh somehow, ha!  I at least left a little gap between nursing and rice cereal tonight, though - I nursed her around 6:25 when she would have eaten anyway and then gave her rice cereal after her before she was full/bored/over it.  Let's hope it sticks with her and there are no wake ups until after 7:00 a.m.!  :-)

Happy Tuesday!


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