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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

6 Months Old - Part Deux

We went to the doctor today for Lilly's 6-month check-up, and I am happy to report that all is well!  

LGB's official stats:  She is 26.5 inches long (90th percentile) and weighs 18 lbs (96th percentile, ha!).  My little chunker is nothing if not healthy!  The doctor does not appear to be worried about L's weight at all - she has already noticeably slimmed down since she's started moving around more, and as she gets more mobile she will thin out a lot.  

All of the ladies and nurses "oohed" and "ahhed" over Lilly and kept saying how beautiful she is and how much they liked her pretty blue dress and matching bow (we lost the bow and the good mood because unfortunately I didn't think to snap pictures until after shots, but you get the idea):

The rest of the visit went well.  When the doctor came in, the first thing she told me was that she tells everyone that comes in who is having problems nursing about how Lilly started nursing at three months.  She said that of course she abides by patient confidentiality and would never name names, and she said she disclaims by telling the mothers, "this situation should be in a glossy print ad with an asterisk that says, this is an anomaly," but she says she uses it to let them know that there is, indeed, hope.  She also said it's the craziest thing she's ever heard.  Ha!

One thing I learned was that we can now give L any food that she won't choke on (except for honey, due to the allergens) - even meat!  Steph told me today that her doctor said if you start babies on solids at 4 months (check) then you can move beyond stage 1 foods at 6 months.  So, now I'm excited for Lilly to start trying some new, fun foods!  Dr. V told Lilly that she should come give her other baby patients lessons on how to be an awesome baby. :-)  Lilly was in a pretty good mood and talked to and giggled at Dr. V the whole time - I was glad, considering her appointment was smack dab in the middle of her morning nap time.  I asked if we should be concerned that Lilly doesn't sit up for very long periods of time on her own yet, because I have several friends with babies around Lilly's age who sit up like pros.  She said that all babies are different and that Lilly has rockstar back muscles (direct quote) and that her tummy muscles are just trying to catch up.  She said this is probably partially due to the fact that L would only roll one way for the longest time, but it's nothing to worry about.  Lilly was rolling all around on the examination table and showing off pushing herself up and getting into her crawling position, to which Dr. V. said that she is going to be crawling SOON and she hopes we've started baby proofing (nope, oops).  She said that she won't be surprised one bit if L crawls before she sits.  Lord help us all!  I asked about her inconsistent poops and the doctor said it was normal, and also asked about giving Lilly water (thanks for the question, Steph!).  She said that at this point we can absolutely give L water if we want to, but it's definitely not required.  She said if we're out and about and it's hot and Lilly is sweating, definitely give her some to help keep her hydrated (2-4 oz. in a bottle), but other than that it wasn't something we have to do unless we want to.  The only other thing the doctor said that we need to be doing is making sure to get Lilly to eat either rice cereal or oatmeal every day - she said that it is important for L to get the iron.  Great, since she HATES both of those - even with fruit.  I'll keep trying, though!

The only other thing to note was a small incident that happened this morning which literally scared me to death.  Lilly woke up early today, around 6:15 (teething), but it ended up being okay because she got a super short morning nap in before I had to wake her up to head to the doctor.  Anyway, so I was nursing her before I put her down, and she wasn't asleep yet, and all of a sudden she started convulsing.  The only way I can think to describe it is that it reminded me of what a seizure would look like.  Dan asked if she just got a chill, but it wasn't that because it lasted somewhere between 20-25 seconds.  I looked down at my leg to make sure I wasn't inadvertently bouncing it up and down, and I wasn't.  I couldn't see her eyes - they were closed - so I couldn't tell whether they were rolled back in her head or anything crazy like that.  I pulled her off the breast and she was still laying on the nursing pillow convulsing, so I called her name several times, keeping my hand on her.  After probably 5-7 seconds of this and me calling her name a few times, she finally stopped convulsing and opened her eyes and looked at me and just looked really confused.  She then ate some more and went right to sleep.  She never did get upset or anything like that, but I am telling you it scared. me. to. DEATH.  I double checked with Carney to make sure she hadn't ever noticed this happening (she hadn't), but I was SO GLAD we were going to the doctor anyway so that I could ask about it.  Dr. V. said that since this was the first time we'd noticed it, she was hoping that it was just neurological development and that L was in that "in between" stage between awake and asleep - sort of like when you have a falling dream.  She told us to definitely keep an eye on it and if it happened two more times to bring her in immediately.  I watched her on the monitor tonight when she was falling asleep and didn't notice anything, but good gosh it scared me!  Dr. V. also told me how to tell whether it was a seizure.  I talked to my Mom about it tonight, because the doctor asked if there was any family history of anything like this, and come to find out, my Mom did this when she was a baby.  She said that it normally corresponded with running a high fever, but it's definitely something to note and tell the doctor if it happens again (which hopefully it won't).

Last but not least, there were the dreaded shots.  Lilly did fine - she took the oral medication no problem, which surprised me since she is normally funny about those things.  She doesn't even like the liquid vitamin D we give her - I have to sneak it into bottles - and that stuff tastes good.  She didn't cry at all for the first shot, but she cried for the second one.  Luckily, the crying only lasted for about 10 seconds and after some Mommy snuggles and kisses she was OK.  Carney said that L  literally slept from the time she left the doctor until she woke her up at 4, which is not unusual after shots.

All in all, a good report!  Of course we are biased and think Lilly is perfect, but it's always nice to have confirmation that we're doing okay.  Since this got long (shocker), I'll wrap it up with our 6-month photo shoot as promised - she was much more cooperative this morning when she woke up than she was last night.  I swear, the many expressions of Lilly get me every single time!!!

Happy Hump Day!


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