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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Know how I know we chose the right caregiver?

Because Lilly LOVES her.  And she texts me photos like this:

Today, Dan and I got the following photo and it said, "OMG! Major diaper blowout.  L had to have a bath."

I felt kind of bad about this, because I knew a bad poop was coming.  Ever since we started solids, Lilly has only been pooping about once every 4-5 days, and she hadn't had a #2 since last Thursday when she had a major explosion at my MIL's house.  I kept thinking it would come in her sleep last night, because I could tell she was uncomfortable and trying to work something out before bed.  Unfortunately for Carney, she waited until today.  Carney told me that L was laying in the bouncy chair playing one minute - she never even heard a sound - and next thing she new their was nastiness everywhere and it was foul.  Poor things - both Lilly for enduring it and Carney for having to clean it up!  Been there, done that, know it sucks.  The next picture we got was the following, along with the caption, "All clean!"

Side note: seriously how cute is that robe?  Lilly doesn't have one but judging by the cuteness of that picture I'm pretty sure she needs one (Grandmommy, are you reading?).  :-)

It's almost the weekend, hooray!


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