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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bear Hug

Fair warning:  I will likely be too engrossed in the Olympics to do much posting in the next few days.  I LOVE the Olympics.  Can you blame me?  [Side note: does anyone else find this clip of the Today Show hosts competing in a race walking competition as utterly hilarious as I do?  Ryan Seacrest and Matt Lauer get me every. single. time (yes, I've watched it more than once).]

Anyway, I digress.  Dan was in Lake Tahoe two weeks ago for the wedding of our friends Ryan and Erin.  I hate that I missed the festivities, but heard that a fun time was had by all - and judging from the pictures, it was absolutely beautiful.  Congrats, you two!  Dan brought THE CUTEST present home for Lilly:

I got a magnet, which is also cute, but I'm too lazy to go back downstairs to snap a picture of it for your viewing pleasure.  Have you ever seen a cuter onesie?!  The bear is hugging it, hence the paws on the back. Get it?!  Bear hug?!?!?! It was a tad too big (saggy in the butt - I'm afraid she gets her lack of rear end from her Mother!), but I just couldn't resist letting Daddy's girl model her new threads:

SO cute, yes?!  I'll leave you with one more.  I know Lilly looks less than thrilled in this one, but she'd just finished laughing hysterically at Layla:

Happy gymnastics and swimming (and everything else) watching!  Oh yeah, and... YAY TEAM USA! 


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