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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Grace

I think it's time, friends, that I introduce you to a family member that I don't think you've met before: Baby Grace.

Baby Grace joined our family I believe last Christmas (it could have been birthday, but I'm pretty sure it was Christmas), thanks to Mimi.  She is the 1983 version of the Cabbage Patch doll because I was born in 1983 (showing my age here, eek!) and I therefore also had the 1983 version - her name was Dottie.  Dottie and I were inseparable, but that's another story.  Anyway, Cabbage Patch did an anniversary celebration at some point last year, so my mom gifted Lilly with Baby Grace.  Her full name is Grace Elizabeth Baum (Lilly's full name is Lillian Grace), and she has bright red pig tails because we were pretty sure Lilly was going to have a lot of ginger hair since I had a lot of hair and Dan is very gingery.  We were wrong on both of counts, but Baby Grace is still pretty cute.  Except for the fact that most of the time she doesn't have her pants on, that hooker.

I am starting to think that Baby Grace needs her own segment on the blog, "The Adventures of Baby Grace," because over the past few weeks, Lilly has become borderline obsessed with her.  I am envisioning this segment to be kind of like those commercials that used to be on, where I think it was a yard gnome that someone took everywhere and photographed.  Wasn't that a commercial?  

Anyway, Baby Grace does EVERYTHING with us.  She rides with us to school (but we leave her in the car because "she needs to take a nap" while Lilly is at school).  Last week L and I battled it out in the parking lot because she REALLY wanted to take Baby Grace in.  If it weren't for the fact that Baby Grace yet again didn't have pants on, I might have given in, because arguing with a 21-month-old can get ridiculous, but I stood my ground and I won, by golly.  She also crams into the stroller with Lilly when we go on walks...I wish I had a pic of this because it's hilarious.  I'll try to remember to get one tomorrow.  We change her diaper a lot...

Let's not forget powder to prevent diaper rash!

...and she also now eats meals with us.  She uses a "baby cup" that Lilly no longer uses, and Lilly uses a "big girl" cup.

In fact, one day this week, Lilly had a few meltdowns because Kinsley actually needed to use the chair to eat and Lilly was insistent that it was Baby Grace's chair.  We're working on sharing.  The plus side of Baby Grace joining us for meals is that I can get Lilly to do pretty much anything by telling her that Baby Grace does it.  "Lilly, watch Baby Grace take a bite of this chili!  She LOVES it, she told Mommy she wants another bite.  Do you want to try it?"  Works like a charm, for now at least.

Lilly will take Baby Grace in her car and "drive to the store" to go "shopping" (aka they ride down the hallway in the car and then L takes Baby Grace out and puts her in her mini shopping cart and takes her over to the play kitchen where they fill up the cart with fruits and veggies).  Baby Grace sits in the bathroom while we try to go potty and while we take a bath, and she watches 2 Elmo songs with us after bath every night, too.

Pants-less again!!!  Her mother should really have a talk with her.
She reads books with Lilly before nap time and bed time (sometimes Lilly even lets her hold lovey), and we give her a kiss, tell her we love her and tuck her in somewhere with a blanket when L goes to sleep.  I am just waiting for Lilly to ask to sleep with Baby Grace, and I'm not really sure I'm going to be able to say no.  And first thing in the morning, when Baby Grace goes in with one of us to get Lilly up, Lilly always gasps and says, "Baby Grace!  I missed you!" and gives her lots of kisses.  Queue melting.  Every single time.  

Cognitively, "pretend play" is a pretty big development, from what I've read.  I think the whole thing is seriously sweet, and seeing Lilly with Baby Grace reaffirms that she is going to be a great big sister in a few short months.  To only be 21 months old, she really is very nurturing.  

More to come, when the adventures of Baby Grace continue.  Happy hump day!



  1. Oh, I love this! Mac has a puppy that he loves and takes everywhere with him. I thought the same thing about doing an "Adventures with Puppy" series...or maybe having Puppy open his own Instagram account for all his trips and shenanigans. :) One of the photographers I follow took all her kids lovies one day while they were at school and photographed them around town doing fun things (shopping, driving, eating dinner, etc.) and then made a book for them. I love that idea. I think Baby Grace might need her own book!

    1. That is the CUTEST idea! If I can pry Baby Grace from Lilly's fingertips, I may have to steal it...I love it! Today we took her to the NC State Fair, and the nanny had to bribe her to leave Baby Grace at home to nap with m&ms. It is getting insane. I love the Instagram account idea for puppy, too!

  2. This is so sweet!!! A girl and her doll :)

    Enter our Fairy Birds Giveaway. Your darling girl would love it!!!

    1. Love your blog! Will hop over and enter right now, what a cute idea!

  3. This is the cutest! Love that she powders her doll, very important! ;)


    1. She's hilarious/borderline obsessive with the powder for sure. We ALWAYS put powder in her diaper because she is so sensitive and prone to diaper rash, so it may be because we are powder nazis, ha!

  4. I love this! H has a baby that has gone everywhere/done everything with us for months, too. I finally broke down and gave her a "bath" several weeks ago, and we had a meltdown of the century when H couldn't find her anywhere (I told her she was taking a bath and she went to both tubs screaming BABY, ARE YOU????). She has several others but of course she only wants that one. Let's hope this means they will both love (and be gentle with?) baby brothers!! :)

    1. These girls are hilarious! They will be great big sisters, I think. :-)

  5. Truly adorable! And don't worry, Ellington's dolls are naked most of the time too… In fact, E would probably be naked all day too if I let her. :)


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