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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Just to demonstrate what kind of week it's been, I'll show you how my morning started off:

At least I'm wearing cute shoes?
Yes friends, your eyes do not deceive you...Mama hit a mailbox on the way to work this morning on the way out of the neighborhood.  In my defense, I had just spilled my drink, which is why I was not paying as much attention as I should have been.  Did I mention that we were so excited that we just paid my car off (early, I might add)?  Luckily the only thing that is damaged is the sideview mirror (of course the mailbox didn't even have a dent) so it definitely could have been a lot worse, but there were definitely tears.  When I got in my car after work, the mirror looked slightly different:

My husband has jokes.  The fact that the bandaids are Sesame Street-themed gave him away.  I called to ask if it was him and he couldn't stop giggling.  I needed the laugh, after the day I had!

Because this week has been so insane, I have not gotten to post all of the things I wanted to, so hopefully I can get to it over the next week or so.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a little sneak peak of our Halloween festivities.  Please excuse the poor quality, these were taken with my iPhone.

When I got home, both of my children (ha) were wearing mustaches (or "mus-mashes" as Lilly was calling them).

Besties: Hadley the cow and Lilly the pig.  I am not sure I've ever seen anything cuter!

Lilly and her other BFF, Kinsley (as a mouse, so cute!).  Lilly was feeling uncooperative by the time we took these, but thanks to Heather we got a decent one!

Preferred mode of transportation for H & L.

Hope your day was awesome (and got off to a much better start than mine did!).  I'll be back at some point to play catch-up on other Halloween-related activities from this month (pumpkin patch, baking cookies, costume parade at school, pumpkin painting and carving) as well as better photos from tonight that my BFF Stephanie took because she is the greatest.  :-)

Happy Halloween!



  1. Love the solution for fixing your mirror! Who needs duck tape when you have sesame street band-aids? :)

    And Lilly makes a super cute little piggie

    1. Dan thinks he's hilarious with the bandaids! I was just glad that he wasn't mad. :-)


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