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Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup

We had such a fun (but busy, as usual) weekend!  Dan headed to the mountains on Friday, because he was planning to help my Dad at the mountain house for a day and then hang around for some leisure time (Dan reported when he got home that the house is amazing and it made me that much more excited for its completion.  I can't wait!).  He helped Daddy out and went fishing but decided to come home Saturday, and I was so excited!  L and I enjoyed our girl time but we were also happy to have Daddy home.

With Daddy playing mountain man, Friday night was officially girls night.  Unfortunately, this Mama still wasn't feeling well, so we took it pretty easy.  I attempted a movie with L for the second time.  We went with Finding Nemo again (I showed her several and let her choose and that's what won), and L was really excited about it when I asked if she wanted to watch.  She was really intrigued for approximately 12 minutes...

...and then she was over it.  It was fine, luckily she was pretty content to color, do puzzles, etc. and nothing required too much energy on my part.  I was thankful for sure.

Note:  Thanks to the suggestion of my friend Quinn, all collages in this post were made using PicMonkey.  Drop by Kimchi & Sweet Tea for a visit (you won't be disappointed!), and marvel over how ADORABLE her girls are while you're at it!  Ellie is one of Lilly's absolute favorite people.

We ate a nice girls dinner together (pizza):

I love how happy L looks in the above photos!  After dinner, we took an early bath and camped out in Mommy's bed to watch Elmo for a bit before bedtime.  Elmo went over much better than Finding Nemo did.

Look at that single mullet curl!  I just love it!
I think I went to bed approximately 30 minutes after Lilly did on Friday night.  I needed the rest, for sure!  On Saturday morning, we met my friend Allison for breakfast in Durham.  It was so nice to see her, and I'm hoping we can get together with April and her girls soon for even more catching up!  Since we were over that way, I ran by my office to pick up something I forgot and promised Lilly a train ride at Pullen Park after.  Of course it started raining as we were leaving my office, so instead of a train ride we had a picnic lunch (admittedly with some more Elmo so that she would sit still and cooperate/eat).  Homegirl got a lot more Elmo than normal this weekend, but I don't think she minded.

If you follow me on Instagram (baumse), you've probably already seen the next photo, but it's too cute not to document on the blog.

She has great taste, what can I say?
Around lunchtime we got the call from Daddy that he decided to head back home.  It was nap time for Lilly and Mommy, but we were both SO excited to see him when we woke up!  We went on a family date night and had an absolute blast.  The weather here has been crappy for over a week, and it was no different Saturday night.  It was cloudy but not raining so after naps we headed to the park for the train ride that was promised earlier in the day, but of course it started raining en route to Pullen.  We quickly switched gears and ran to the mall where Daddy and Lilly occupied themselves in the indoor play area while Mommy did a little shopping.  After the mall we all went to get sushi (I had a craving for a tempura sweet potato roll YUM) and fro yo.  We had so much fun and I spent the evening just feeling overwhelmingly grateful for my sweet little family and the time we got to spend together.

I knew better than to try sushi out on Lilly but she inhaled the edamame and fried rice.  And she's getting so good at feeding herself with utensils (read: still messy but not nearly as much so).  You're growing too fast, sweet baby girl!

On Sunday, we planned to go to church but the majority of my family overslept so we snuggled for a while in Mommy & Daddy's bed before starting our day.

Notice I said that "the majority of my family" overslept?  I was unfortunately not part of that majority.  I woke up at 5:45 to pee and then was WIDE awake (as was baby boy, he was having a real in utero rager), so I watched some TV and was just drifting back off to sleep when L made her debut for the day around 9am.  The insomnia lately has been the worst!

It was still cloudy out (but at least it wasn't raining!), so we headed to Marbles for some morning releasing of energy before walking over to the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo.  

I have blogged about the food truck rodeo before - this was the last one for this year and the baby is I am really sad about it because it never disappoints.  Dan and I enjoyed our favorite burger from Only Burger (burger, pimento cheese, fried green tomato, fried egg, lettuce and tomato OHMYGAH SO GOOD), and we got Lilly a classic grilled cheese from American Meltdown.  We also tried American Meltdown's fried brussels sprouts this time and they did not disappoint.  We were questioning why in the world we hadn't tried them before - I am pretty sure I could have eaten four helpings of those by myself (What?  Eating for two here, which sometimes feels like four.)!  Lilly liked them too.  We have discovered that the trick with the food truck rodeo is to get there about half an hour before they're allowed to start serving.  This allows you to scope out where all of the trucks are, and in our case it allowed us to go ahead and get in line since the trucks where we always eat are some of the most popular.  Plus, most of them will let you order a few minutes before noon if you're already in line = double score.  Anyway, after we ate we let Lilly run around for a bit and then scooped up a cupcake from Iced before heading home for naptime.  We've never tried anything from Iced before because we normally get ice cream as our sweet treat, but it was a little chilly yesterday so we weren't in the mood for a cold dessert.  Iced definitely did not disappoint - it was the most moist cupcake I think I've ever eaten, and the icing was delicious as well.  Lilly approved, and again, we all had so much fun.

Admittedly a crappy photo, but this is why you have to get there early...look at all of those people, even with the dreary weather!

Hamming it up in the stroller.

Mmmmmmmmmmm grilled cheese.  And she even tried (and kind of liked!) the brussles sprouts, too.

I think the iPhone she is holding may be a second generation, it is SO old.  It housed all of my music from my college days, some good stuff, and I was seriously devastated when it took a swim one day a few years back.  It hasn't turned on since but I've been holding onto it hoping that a miracle would occur.  Needless to say that hasn't happened, so I gave it to Lilly to play with one day and she LOVES it.  She thinks it's a phone and always "calls" Mimi and Grandma to chat.

I could not narrow down the next series of photos because I love them all SO MUCH.  I can't even begin to describe to you how much I love these two.


We came home for Lilly's nap (and let's be honest we both took one too) and spent the rest of the day getting ready for the week.  We took a family trip to the grocery store (one of Lilly's favorite things to do, seriously), ate dinner together, caught up on laundry, I wrote a 283947329748-hour blog get the picture.  We have had a lot going on lately and I have loved every minute, but I don't remember the last time I felt so content after a weekend...maybe just because we all got to spend it together and didn't have much planned.  We had so much fun!  We have another weekend at home this upcoming weekend (I can't believe it!), and I'm already really looking forward to it (even though it's only Monday ha!).

Hope your weekend was wonderful, too, and that your week is off to a good start!



  1. You are too sweet!

    We went to Marbles yesterday as well + had sushi for lunch. We thought about going to get something yummy at the Food Truck rodeo too, but we were all a little worn out after Marbles. I am dying to try a grilled cheese from American Meltdown, but the line is always sooo long!

    1. Ahhhhh I wish we would have known, I know Lilly would have loved to see Ellie! One of these weekends if we are ever home again we will have to get them together. The trick with American Meltdown is to get there before they are allowed to serve food! There was still a line for us but not as bad as if we would have waited. And if you like brussels sprouts you HAVE to try those as well. Hope y'all had a good weekend, too!


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