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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Roundup

It was another fun weekend, and t.i.r.e.d. is an understatement (for all of us, not just me!).  This was the last weekend we'll get to spend at home for a bit, so I savored every moment.  Busy times ahead for the Baums is (another) understatement.  

On Friday night Miss Lilly got to play with a sitter while Mommy and Daddy had a night out on the town attending an Oyster Roast that was held on the Capitol grounds benefiting the State Capitol Foundation.  It was a lot of fun!  There was not very much I could eat given that I'm allergic to shellfish, but the music was good and what food I could eat was good as well.  I can't speak to the booze, but my husband surely can.  :-)  Also, the Capitol was open after hours and there were staff there giving unofficial tours, which was really neat (nerd alert!).  I didn't manage to get any photos at the event itself (there was a lot of mingling with folks that Dan works with), but we did make it out for a drink or ten after and we took a quick photo at the bar (I was sooooooooo sleepy but it was worth it because I hadn't eaten much and Busy Bee has the best tater tots).

On Saturday, L was up a little earlier than usual so we headed to Big Ed's for breakfast, which is always delicious (Lilly loves all of the things they have hanging from the ceiling, she cracks up every time she sees the bicycle up there!).

After breakfast, since the weather was still gross, we headed back to the mall which is always dangerous.  We bought L some new tennis shoes when we were at the beach - they have Abby on them and she is ob.sessed. with them.  I think they're fine, but sometimes I want her to wear some nicer shoes that look better with her cute outfits!  We've also been looking for a heavier peacoat-type coat for her (I want one for special occasions anyway, but also we are heading up to L's first App game in November and she has to wear black, duh!) and had quite a few coupons so we thought we'd see what we could find.  We actually arrived about 10 minutes before the stores opened, and L could not wait to get into the shoe store.  She was pulling the gate and squealing, "NEW SHOES FOR LILLY!"  Dan was not amused, but it was one of my proudest moments to date HA!

Case in point: boots (or anything, really) would have been so much cuter with this outfit than Abby shoes ugh!
We scored a cute pair of silver ballet flats and some Elmo slippers, so I'd call it a successful trip.  While we were out and the weather still stunk, we headed to Target to get something Dan needed for our TV (we just cut the cord and got rid of cable, more on that later).  Dan and L had fun in the Halloween section.

After nap time, we headed to Holly Springs for my work's annual family day.  It started at 3pm with a (pretty competitive) flag football game, but L was tired and I knew she'd need at least a short nap in order to not have a complete meltdown (plus let's face it there is no chance my whale @$$ was playing flag football), so we didn't show up until around 5.  We arrived just in time for dinner and just in time for it to start raining, but I did get a few cute photos of some of the kiddies.

 I haven't quite figured out my new phone, which is why the pics are terrible/too dark, sorry 'bout it!
We swung by yet another oyster roast at a friend's house before heading home and crashing - everyone was exhausted!

This morning, we woke up and lounged for a bit while my man servant made us a delicious breakfast.

Love the skeleton jammies (and so does L, especially since they glow in the dark!).
We played around the house for most of the morning and then met the Munns for lunch at La Farm (which you may remember from the grilled cheese portion of my tomato soup post because they have the most delicious bread!!!).

Lilly: "Cheeeeeeeeeese!!!!!!"

After lunch we all headed to the pumpkin patch, and the besties met us there.  We tried out a new one this year, Phillips Farms, and it was awesome - we will definitely go back in the future.  Luckily, today was the first day we have had nice weather in like three weeks, which made the day even more perfect.  I took my nice camera (for once, Stephanie saw it and said she was proud of me ha!), so I'll do a separate post on our pumpkin patch trip as soon as I have time to go through all of the photos, but I'll leave you with some that I took with my iPhone.

Despite going down for her nap almost three hours late (and only getting to sleep for about an hour), L had a great time and was in a fantastic mood (even after aforementioned shortest nap ever, which I am grateful for because it wore me out too).  I can't wait to look at (and share) the rest of the photos, but I am worn slap out so hopefully I can get to it later in the week.

Hope your weekend was fantastic!  We have a pretty busy week ahead and we are debating trying to squeeze in a visit to the state fair at some point, wish us luck!


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