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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BB2.0: 28 Weeks

Shockingly, I think this might be the first time that I've been late on a weekly update for the boy-child.  I feel sure it won't be the last!  I had an impromptu girls night last night with my neighbors, and it was glorious and much needed!  By the time we were done catching up it was late and I didn't have the energy to post.  Shame!  I'll get to the stats.

Size of Baby Boy:  A large eggplant.
Homeboy weighs 2 and 1/4 lbs and is around 14.8 inches from head to toe.  He can blink and now has eyelashes!  If he's like any other boy I have ever met, his lashes will be long and gorgeous solely because he isn't a girl.  So unfair.

Weight Gain So Far:  This one is tricky.  I did weigh in yesterday when I woke up (post-pee, pre-shower, just like I do every week for my update) and my home scale said 16.5 (and I was ecstatic).  Imagine my dismay when by the time I got to the doctor (after eating breakfast, drinking the glucose drink and a ton of water) it was up to 19.5.  I weighed again today and it was like 18.3.  So I'm going with 18.5 and calling it even, because I like it better than 19.5 (and it's kind of in the middle of the two anyway).  With Lilly, at 28 weeks I'd gained 13 lbs.  LIAR.

Cravings:  On Monday, since I was supposed to avoid concentrated sugars for a minimum of 24 hours prior to drinking aforementioned glucose drink, all I wanted was fruit (and let's face it candy, cake, etc.).  Why can't I crave fruit all the time?!  I'd probably weigh a lot less if I did.  

Aversions:  Not a one!  I'm still trying to decide whether that's a blessing (likely) or a curse (since I am pretty sure I could eat a whole house in a day if I let myself).

Symptoms:  Same old!  Tired, hungry and insomnia.  I feel like I haven't been as hormonal this time around as I was last time - I'm sure my husband is praising the Lord for that, ha!

Movement:  This child is really having a party in there.  Last night Dan watched my belly for a good 30 minutes and we were both laughing and wondering what baby boy could possibly be doing in there.  I wish I had an ultrasound machine so I could see him!

What I  Miss:  Last night I was really wishing for a glass (or 6) of wine at girls night, but for the most part I surprisingly haven't really missed a lot this time around.  Other than that, I can't think of a thing!

Signs of a Bump:  You know it!

 Here is Miss Lillian at 28 Weeks:

Believe it or not, I didn't realize I was wearing the same shirt in both pictures until I looked up what I looked like last time.  Hilarious.  I feel like I am carrying SO differently this time around.

What I'm Thankful For:  A job that I really enjoy, even when it's as crazy as it has been lately.  And, with that said, a short work week next week and the upcoming break.  :-)

What I'm Looking Forward To:  A lot of things!  A trip to the mountains this weekend.  The start of construction on the nursery!!!!!  I will try to remember to take some "before" pics to post tomorrow night.  The plan is for it to be completed (with the exception of painting) by the time we get home on Sunday.  Eeeeee!  Thanksgiving, spending time with family, and pigging out.  Another after-Thanksgiving-dinner trip to the mountains to get our tree.  And some BIG things coming on the blog!

Doctor Appointment Update:  I made that glucose drink my bia!

I actually left for the doctor early yesterday, which is probably the first (and also probably the last) time that has ever happened.  I hopped on the highway only to find that traffic was at a dead stop.  I swear, if I had missed that appointment because of traffic y'all would have been reading news stories about the crazy pregnant woman who blew up the highway.  It normally takes me 20 minutes in traffic to get to the doctor - yesterday it took me 45.  I made it just in time (8:50, which coincidentally was my actual appointment time) and had the following conversation with the receptionist upon arrival:

Me (panting):  I have an 8:50 appt and a glucose test, I drank the drink at 8:00.
Receptionist:  Plenty of time.  What time did you finish the drink?
Me:  8:02
Receptionist (raises eyebrows): Wow.  You chugged.
Me:  I don't mess around.

I am kind of disgusted that I actually sort of liked the drink this time around.  Until it settled, at which point I felt like I was going to barf.  Anyway, blood was drawn and all appears fine.  They said they'll call me if I failed, but if I passed I won't hear anything until the next appointment.  Fingers crossed. 

Aside from the glucose portion, the rest of the appointment was business as usual.  When the doctor came into my room he said, and I quote, "Is this the most beautiful pregnancy ever, or what?  I honestly don't think it could be more picture perfect thus far."  He did not mention my weight gain and I did not get fussed at.  Love that man.  BP is still perfect at 118/74, and baby's heartbeat is still steady and music to my ears (I didn't get a bpm number).  We talked a little bit about my blood pressure - it was not until sometime in December that I started having trouble last time, but my blood pressure as a whole has been much lower in general this time around.  I also read in my last 28-week update that my hands were starting to swell, and was so thankful that I haven't had to deal with that thus far this time around (and hopefully it's a sign of good blood pressure to continue!).  Dr. T said he obviously can't predict what will happen, but that he doesn't anticipate any issues this time around.  Such great news!

Next Doctor Appointment:  December 3.  I can't believe it is already time to go every 2 weeks.  I really need to buy some nursery furniture.

I'm off to conclude this busy day by falling asleep during watching a movie with the hubs.  Happy Hump Day!


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