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Thursday, November 14, 2013


It's been a busy day/night and I am tired per the usual, so this post is going to be full of non-baby-related randomness.  Dan and I are leavin' on a jet plane tomorrow to go visit his sister & fam in Houston, Texas and it's going to be 80 degrees all weekend!  A big change from the low temps we've been experiencing here in Raleigh this week, for sure.  Lilly gets to hang out with Grandma Susie and Papa all weekend, and she seems pretty stoked.

I got some new boots today with my eBay proceeds and I am REAL excited about them.

I was recently told by my husband that I couldn't ask for anything else until Christmas.  Luckily, he made an exception.  Hurray!  Can't wait until these pretties make their way onto my tootsies. 

I also got a "just because" surprise from the hubby today, which I am equally as excited about:
Is he the best/sweetest, or what?  He said he was walking by the M&L store and saw them and didn't think I had many gold earrings and thought that these would look nice with the gold accessories I like to wear.  Love that man.  And love that they are named the "Lille" earrings.  He made my whole week!

Speaking of Christmas, I need to start my shopping.  I have been so focused on other things that I haven't really thought about it.  While we're at it, can anyone thing of anything that I want for Christmas?  I'm having trouble coming up with ideas that aren't the most lame ever.  When did I get so old?

I entered about a million contests today on various blogs in hopes that I can win a rug from Mohawk Homes for the playroom.  I saw this one on a blog recently and became obsessed:

When I stumbled on their website, I found about a million more that are equally as great.  Fingers crossed I win one...although I won't get my hopes up because I never win anything, SIGH.

Oh, and the loaded broccoli and cheese with bacon soup recipe that I tried tonight (from Monday's Meal Plan)?  SERIOUSLY amazing.  Maybe the best soup ever.  Make it.  Right now.  You can thank me later.

And, finally, I'm starting to have a little bit of anxiety about Baby Boy's nursery because I cannot for the life of me make a decision about how I want to decorate.  With construction beginning (and hopefully also ending!) next weekend, I need to get a move on.  All I know is that I want a gray crib.  Any and all suggestions welcome!

That's it for me for tonight...I'll report back on Sunday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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