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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BB2.0: 26 Weeks

Time for another weekly update, my word.  Per the usual, today has been insane, so I'm going to once again attempt to keep it quick.  To think that I actually thought I'd get a break this week, sigh!  On to the stats:

Size of Baby Boy:  1 2/3 lbs and 14 inches long, aka a scallion.

Can someone please explain to me how it's possible that a scallion is bigger than a rutabaga?  Not sure.  Lung development is in full force this week, and he's starting to put on baby fat which I'm certain (and hopeful) that he'll have a lot of.  Nothin' beats a chunky babe!

Weight Gain So Far:  Per this morning's weigh-in, 14.5 lbs.  I am not sure how that's possible with all of the Halloween candy I've consumed over the past week, but I'll take it.  Surely my home scale is not deceiving me (slash broken), right?   For comparison's sake, I was +13 at this point last time around.

Cravings:  I am still eating soup at least four times/week, but other than that, nothing that I can think of.

Aversions:  Still nothing, praise!

Symptoms:  At Jen's suggestion, I decided to try a new (all natural) prenatal vitamin.  The combination of that vitamin and a fiber supplement has helped a lot with the constipation, so that's been a bit of a relief (I feel silly every time I talk about constipation, does that make me 12?).  Other than that, still tired.  So really nothing to complain about, hurray!

Movement:  Still a lot.  He has started having parties sometimes after I've gotten up at night to use the bathroom.  Someone told me last week to pay attention to how he is in the womb because if he's up at night while in utero, he'll be up a lot at night once he comes out.  I seem to remember L doing the same thing sometimes and we got lucky with her being a great sleeper, so hopefully that lady is a lying wh0re wrong and we'll get lucky twice.  :-)

What I Miss:  Can't think of a thing!

Signs of a Bump:  I feel like I am growing even more humongous by the day, ugh.

Andddddd here is what L looked like at 26 weeks:

If I can get organized enough/remember, maybe I'll try to start trying to wear the same shirt as I did in the photos from last pregnancy.  That wouldn't be nerdy at all, right?

What I'm Thankful For:  A baby girl who appears to be on the mend!  After a cold that won't go away, a quick trip to the doctor yesterday and a sinus infection diagnosis, we are on day two of antibiotics and L seems to be feeling much better.  Part two: I am thankful that we haven't had to deal with too much sickness in the past (almost) two years.  Yesterday the doctor said, "Oh wow, she's only ever been on one antibiotic previously, that's amazing."  Amazing indeed.  So thankful!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  A weekend at home this upcoming weekend.  House projects, including the start of nursery construction soon and guest bedroom/playroom remodel.  Also a trip to the mountains in a few weeks to go to an App State game and stay in the new house!!!

Next Doctor Appointment:  2 weeks from today, November 19th.  T-minus 14 days and counting until the glucose test!

Busy rest of the week for me, so I'm off.  HOPEFULLY I will be able to finish out the week with the remainder of our Halloween posts!



  1. I just picked up my glucose drink from my OB's office yesterday and I am SO NOT looking forward to that in 6 weeks. Good luck!

    Oh and you look great!! Everyone says women are WAY bigger with #2 and I don't feel like you are at all. Must be all that soup. ;)

    1. You just made my whole day, thank you for being so sweet!


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